Sunday, August 29, 2010

Diaper Cake!

Happy Sunday! It's been a while..... school has started and I no longer have a 'life'. Well my summer life is over,and I can no longer do what I want when I want. However, I am lucky to say I LOVE my job. My class is sweet! They're a handful though. Our grade level is very boy heavy and I have 15 boyssss and 7 girls. I do have some great leaders and role models so that is helpful. It's quite a mix. Definitely going to have some challenges - but nothing I can't handle! I'll post classroom pics soon... some of the best quotes of the week were:

"Mrs. Corl...while I go to the bathroom will you finish coloring this for me?"

"Mrs. Corl...I've been to L.A. How do you spell L.A.?"

hehe I know there are more to come!

One of my closest coworker friends, Amber is having a baby girl! She is due Sept 12 and we hope she can make it to her school shower on Tuesday! I really wanted to get her a diaper cake. I've never seen one in person, only in pictures online. Well we found out someone who makes them and they're veryyy expensive. I had no idea how expensive diapers were! I decided to take on the task of making one! I love crafts...and I figured it would be a fun project and gift for Amber.

Her nursery, and our shower theme, based off of a pattern from pottery barn.

Too cute right?! Well I bought over 60 diapers and then little "its a girl" knick knacks from Hobby Lobby. I decided to take pics step by step incase I wanted to make one again. Here's how it went....

Gathered all of my materials (I sound like such a teacher...) Tons of diapers, rubber bands (assorted sizes), baby lotion, and a cookie sheet. So each diaper is rolled from 'butt' to front. From the bottom of the diaper to the openning and then secured with a rubberband. Then using the baby lotion...put all the diapers around it and secure with a bigger rubber band. Hub was a super help here. You really need 4 hands to do this! I found it easier to roll and band all the diapers first and then it was quick to assemble...with help of course. Here you can see I made a 2nd and 3rd row. About 30+ diapers here... wish I had counted!

Now you use some double sided tape and add a 4 oz. bottle on top! Oops..forgot to add those to my materials list. I thought it was so genius to use baby products to be the base of the diaper cake tiers. So many smart people out there I stole ideas from!

Now you make two layers around the bottle...
One more layer around the very top of the bottle! And you have 3 tiers!!! Now real fun begins...

TA DA!!! This is her finished diaper cake. I added thick ribbon first around all three tiers. The top is a birdie car she can use that later along the with 2 binkies, and hair bow/barettes. The barettes didn't make this picture...but they were easy to clamp onto the diapers and ribbon. I made green boy accents, and the other girlie knick knacks came from hobby lobby. They had all the homecoming mum stuff out and this came from the 'baby mum' section. Too cute. I hot glued the stuff to the ribbons. I made sure to not get it stuck to the diapers! The whole point is so she can unroll and use these diapers later! Just take your time and be careful! It really was so much fun! I think I impressed Ryan with my 'crafty' skills. hehe Maybe I could make another career out of making these for people! I'll take orders ;)

I have other close up pics...but having trouble arranging them. Blogger pros I need help! Do you really have to drag everyyy pic you upload from the top of your post down to the spot you want it in? Am I missing something here? Help!

Have a great week everyone!

It's a wonderful life!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Videos and SYTYCD winner!

Lauren won!!! Just like I thought!! She's like the 2nd or 3rd girl to win. Yay! She really deserved it! Here is one of my favorite dances she did and she also performed it on the finale. I LOVE hip hop and she's such a strong dancers and has great musicality. (Meaning she knows the music soooo well...she dances perfectly with it)
Another season favorite of mine....Kent and Lauren! This is my softer side :) I was trained in this style so it's my fav deep down.
However...this was the surprise of the night and best dance of the evening!!!
Yes...It's Ellen doing the dance I LOVED from the beginning of the season before Alex Wong got injured. HILARIOUS! Twitch is awesome with her and she does a great job as well! A must watch video! Just so you understand the 'story' behind the dance...Alex is an amazing classical ballet dancer and the dance 'get out of your mind' ...he's seeing a psych whos helping him get ballet out of his mind to do hip hop. Sounds funny but just watch and you'll see.
Happy Tuesday! My classroom is pics soon! Beginning of the year is so crazy!
It's a wonderful life!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh Blog...How I've missed you!

Dear Blog,

I have missed you. Who knew I would enjoy writing so much?! Especially when it may not be anybody! But Blogger you are always there for me. :)


Quick update... Moose has fully recovered! yay! He has an appt and shots on Saturday and we are going to see how everything is going. I think he's almost 10 lbs now. He was about 8 last week, but man this boy can eat!!!! He was not interested in food for a while because of his medicine and now that all those parasites are gone he's a happy camper!

Last weekend I went to Denver, CO for the first time to visit family! IT'S BEAUUUTIFUL THERE! Like a story book. Weather was perfect. I seriously could move there...Until my cousin Morgan told me it starts snowing in October. Trick or treating in the snow?! I think not! All in all it was a fantastic trip!


Family playing our famous wiffle ball games!

Batta, batta swing!

Morgan's confirmation! Great family pic!

Great weekend! SYTYCD finale is on tonight!!!! I'll post the winner tomorrow!!! I predict....Lauren! Last girl standing!!!

It's a wonderful life!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's been a's more Moose!

Long story short... Moose has been with us a week and is on the mend with his puppy illness. Now we're trying to get him to eat more!! This is Ryan's amazing attempt to make him want to eat... genius! I can't help it and I start laughing toward the end of it! ha

It's a wonderful life!