Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving and 13 weeks!

Happy belated Thanksgiving! Just got back from a great 5 day weekend at home with family. :) Here are a few snap shots of our Thanksgiving, mom's birthday, annual Christmas Tree Chopping (always the Friday after Thanksgiving), a wedding and my 13 wk side pic!

**Note- I am actually 14 weeks now, however I always seem to post the 'weeks' picture at the end of that week. Just a heads up..hehe***

Pretty Thanksgiving table :)

Brother making fun of us trying to take a 'baby/belly picture'

Ryan had just played football and I was slaving in the kitchen...hehe
My beautiful mom and her beautiful cake! (compliments of Sweet Spot Bakery - aka Heather! :) )

Making a wish...

Our little family at the tree farm :)

We tried to get this pic right so many times...

Mom and her sweet puppy Ellie!

Heather and sister Jenna! Pretty pretty girls

My adorable parents


The men

Pretty barn I can't wait to see each year...hasn't changed a bit

BEAUTIFUL BRIDE - Mrs. Maria Bratton! :) YAY

First maternity dress and 13 week picture!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

12 weeks

And so it begins... I wanted to start taking all those sideways pics to watch my tummy grow! Give an update on the week and the symptoms I'm having. Just really wanted this journey documented!

So I look super tired and exhausted here... took this Friday night after a lonnnnnnng week! I'll take a better picture next time - I just couldn't let this week pass by!

Not 'out there' quite yet...but I feel different. "Pudgy" has been my word for how my stomach feels lately. I think it feels more different to me than it looks. My mom and friends who have had babies are like "Ohhh just wait til you REALLY change." Eek!


Extreme exhaustion - my energy has picked up and gotten better as the trimester has gone on. But this kicks you like nothing else!!! I would come home from work, sleep 2 hours, barely make a decent dinner and then go back to bed before 8! I'm not that way any more, I just need energy to start working out again.

I'm not quite like this, but I thought it was a funny picture...

Food Cravings - At first I was craving things like carrots and ranch, pretzels and hummus, fruit, and now it's all sweet tooth. I have to watch out! I bought those sugar free jello pudding - like 60 calories, those usually do the trick.

Water - I cannot seem to drink enough water. I know I am drinking enough, but my thirst is never quenched. It's like unbelieveable how much water I'm drinking. Seems to me like pregnancy gets you to be healthier (except all those sweets) because water is the only thing I really want to drink and you know you're in charge of your little one's health already!
  • Emotions - I definitely have had those moments where I'm crying and it's 'just because'. I'm more emotional than I ever was before. A song on the radio, commercial on tv, something at work, someone giving me a hug and asking how I'm doing. It's unreal how quickly tears can form! Ryan will just hug me and tell me everything is ok. 
This week the baby is the size of a plum! There are cute little 'fruit timelines' for the size of your baby. We called it gummy bear, blueberry and peanut for a while, but that won't work anymore really. Crazy to think how quickly it is growing!

So I'm not sure if I said this in my last post but we have a hunch it's a boy. Ryan just really hopes it is, and I just hope it's healthy. But I've had dreams it's a boy! More than once. I was thinking maybe because so many girls have been born recently (my friends babies). But now my friend's theory is about the babies heart rate. 170  bpm .... her little girl's heartbeat never went below 150 and all our friends with boys have been lower heart rates. Hmmm interesting - we won't know until around Christmas!

Thanks for reading!
It's a wonderful life!
- Sara and baby :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

So - we have some newsss.....

Yes - it's probably what you were thinking based off the title of this post! I'm pregnant! We're having a baby!!!!! So here goes the few stories about how we found out we were expecting and the first obgyn appt where we saw our precious little peanut!

So it was around the middle of September and we were on our way to church. Ryan and I were just talking like we normally do...and he said, "I have a weird hunch that you're pregnant." Immediately my mouth dropped open and I said something not so polite. "Shut your mouth! Don't say would you know?!"

Ry knew when my cycle was supposed to start and said I wasn't showing any 'symptoms' of PMS - not like I'm moody or mean! (except he might have thought so with what I had said earlier) He said I normally complain of breakouts and soreness, little more irritable, cramping etc...

Well later that week I was just a day late. Our conversation Sunday had really planted a seed in my mind and I began to really wonder. I waited another day and still wasn't showing any signs of starting - so I took a test. I was home alone. I was so scared I even left it in the bathroom and didn't go check it until a few minutes later. I couldn't just sit and watch the line(s) appear. Well minutes later ....two pink lines showed up and I burst into tears. It was a mixture of disbelief, fear, shock, anxiety and then denial. The 2nd line was faint but it was there...

I text Ryan (he had to work late that night) and asked if he could come home early. He said that he couldn't cause they were short two sales guys...and of course he asked why. I said... just wondering cya later. HA he knew right then what it was about.

I went to Target to and bought two more packs of tests. Lines, words, crosses etc... I wanted all the different types cause I just did not believe it! Well below you can see all the tests - and they're all positive. Ryan got home and saw my, splotchy, tears streaming down my face. He said.."Is this what I think it is..." I showed him all the tests. He gave me a big hug, kissed my tummy and said, "Well I guess we should go buy a mini van." Haha He knew I needed a good laugh.

We told our parents about a week or two later. This is VERY unlike me to not atleast tell my mom! I still was scared of something happening and my gyno who I had visited soon after I found out I was pregnant said that 1 in 5 women have miscarriages. Yeah so totally freaked out and waited until I felt pretty sure things were ok. (Which I guess you never really know right?!) I found myself taking another pregnancy test just to see and the pink lines REALLY showed up quickly then. Apparently the hormone you have from being pregnant will make the lines show up darker and quicker the further along you are.

We text the picture of all the positive tests to our parents and said "Yep they're all positive! You're going to be a grandparent!!!" Both sides called so excited. :)

Finally, in October we went to my first Obgyn appointment. It was about 2 1/2 hours long! We talked with a nurse first about the office and all this pregnancy info, an insurance person, and then finally one of the Dr. saw me and did the ultrasound.

Of course I started crying talking to the Dr. just cause I was scared and worried, and hoping everything looked ok. She asked how long we were married and dating before that. I told her 3 months married, but 4 1/2 years dating and...she said "Oh yall will be fine!!" Anyways...she went ahead and did the ultrasound to calm my/our fears and this is what we saw!

It's amazing. You can even make out the head and little arm buds. This is when I was about 8 weeks. I am now 12 weeks so I'm sure we'll see much more during our next appointment.  Ryan and I were just in complete awe of what we saw on the screen...then we saw a little flicker - the baby's heartbeat. So amazing. It was beating about 170 bpm.  They said that was very good and the baby looked great. Ryan and I were holding hands and just started tearing up. He said, "that is the coolest thing I've ever seen."

Baby Corl's ETA May 28, 2011. The day after the last day of school! HAHA A teacher's dream! God was planning the timing for us there. And I won't be pregnant in the hot, Texas summer! :) Even though I was (and still can find myself) scared - I know that this is God's perfect plan for us. Even though we wanted to wait longer, there is a reason this baby will be born when it is born to carry out God's masterful plan. (a good friend reminded me of that) Even though I'm nervous about being pregnant and becoming a parent/mother... I know Ryan and I are teammates and we're in this together. 

We are so excited!!!!! We appreciate your prayers, love and support!

It's a wonderful life!
-Sara (and little peanut)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Love November! are some pics from last night!

Carving Saturday night...

My Haunted House pumpkin!

Looks awesome! I was very proud. (Ry wouldn't let me take pics of was a spider)

Our pumpkins on the porch and my cute hubby in his Hunter Pence jersey. He actually dressed up!

Me with my pumpkin....I look like a pirate right!?


We had about 30+ trick or treaters! So many cute toddlers and kiddies, and then some scary middle school kids. Ryan and I traded off answering the door and I became like a kid each time. Excited to open the door, and then I got scared once and really wanted Ry to do the rest. haha Those crazy middle schoolers and scary masks! ugh!

Excited to see what November brings! Happy November everyone!