Monday, February 28, 2011

Unexpected Dr. Appt and 27 wks...

I'm going to not answer the questions (like last post) on this post just because things haven't changed too much. :o) Who knows if people even read this! 

Wow - baby boy is OUT THERE!

You can't see it in pictures I guess...but the belly button is sticking out like nobody's business. Kinda like with a turkey... "I'm done!"

Well for the past week or two I've had really bad lower abdomen pain along with lower back pain. The back pain I've had...but not with the pain under my belly. I don't baby myself - I don't 'sit this one out' - I really just have a 'suck it up' attitude with pain and think I have a pretty high threshold for things. Or so I thought, however, pregnancy continues to surprise me! The pain is all across my lower abs and its pretty sharp. (They say any pain in your lower abdomen is something to REALLY pay attention to) I had round ligament pain earlier in the pregnancy and it usually went away if I laid down (especially laying on the side that hurt because it wouldn't be stretching so much) and of course taking some Tylenol. Never worked for me before pregnancy, but now since it's all I can take somehow it's working little wonders. 

Called the dr... after my super caring and loving coworkers convinced me I needed to get checked out. (I work with such an amazing group of teachers that I love!) The nurse decided to check for a UTI first to rule that out. Well - test came back negative. Hmm... the nurse practitioner and I talked for a while and I told her everything. She went and let the doctor know my symptoms and came back saying the same thing "It's really bad round ligament pain, but here's what you can do..."

1. Stay off your feet and prop them up more ~ this is difficult being a teacher!
2. Lower activity level (this means no working out :-( ) ~ hopefully I won't pack on the lbs.
3. Drink TONS of fluids - meaning water ~ which is something I already do.
3. Get a pregnancy belt ~ get a what?!?!
4. Take Tylenol ~ of course you were going to say that.

PREGNANCY BELT?!?! Sounds sexy right? Well I googled pics for you (and me..)


daisychain Maternity Designer Support Belts-daisychain, daisy chain, support belt, pregnancy support belt, exercise, active wear, canada, usa
Trying to be stylish...

Sexy... NOT!

Well apparently this might help with baby boy being so big and heavy and putting pressure on my pelvis/hips. I swear this child has not changed position in over 2 weeks and keeps kicking and punching the same spot!! Oh well - all in the name of love. :) 

Also...we may have officially decided the name. hehe That will have to come later of course after the grandparents and aunts and uncles know first. :) Any cute ideas for name revealing? It's hard because we're all in different cities - so keep that in mind if you send an idea. I'd love some.

One last thing... 9 more school days until SPRING BREAK! (and my 25th birthday!) 

It's a wonderful life!

P.S. I just wanna say I have the most wonderful husband in the world!!!! He's been so amazing during this whole process and especially now that we're getting closer to meeting our little boy (and I'm getting more and more uncomfortable) he is so helpful, encouraging and loving when I have a tough day. He always knows how to make me laugh, put a smile on my face or tell when I just need a good hug. LOVE YOU RYAN!

**Pics taken by my sister a month ago... love them! :) **

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week 25 and 26!

Hello Blogger World! I found this little list of questions to help guide me with my 'updates' cause with my case of 'pregnancy brain' - I need all the help I can get. :)

Here's the latest...

How far along? 26 weeks and 3 days! to be exact
How big is the baby? The 'fruit/veggie' timeline says he's the size of an Eggplant! That's about 14 inches long and almost 2 lbs!
Weight gain? I've gained 20 lbs... all in the belly right? :)
Stretch Marks? Nope... none that I can see!
Sleep? This has been tricky lately. Between the frequent bathroom trips, charlie horses in my calves and the newest symptom - heartburn. BIG TIME! I'm woken up with weird discomforts, but my snoogle is still awesome! Working out has helped me get sleepy too.
Best moment of the week? It's only Monday, but so far best moment has just been people at church, work, my kids (students) sharing in the excitement of our little guy!  

Food and cravings? Mini (or pint size) Haagen Dazs Coffee Ice Cream, strawberries and basically anything sweet. I'm a sucker for candy.
Movement? Still kicking and moving a bunch. He loves to kick late night right when I'm laying down to go to bed and especially when music is playing. At church there are drums... yeah never fails he starts dancing. ;)

What I miss? I tried hugging Ryan and my belly got in the way! I don't like saying 'in the way' but you know what I mean.
Belly Button? Oh boy - it's an outie! I can't hide it! I've even tried so much as putting a bandaid over it...just makes it worse. haha Oh well.
Looking forward to? My next dr appointment...but have a few weeks to go until that. I'm anxious to get measured again - last check up they said he's measuring over 3 wks ahead...big boy. YIKES! I'm not looking forward to the glucose test I have to take, and crossing my fingers that everything comes back fine. I just wonder how baby's growing and if they wanna do another ultrasound to check how big he really is. They may have to adjust the due date... eek!

Milestone? I dunno about this one...maybe deciding on the nursery theme and starting to register for baby stuff?! :) I can't wait for Spring Break cause I'll have lots of time to start decorating! Yay!
Here's a side view! Just keeps getting bigger!

It's a wonderful life!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Nautical Nursery!

So we're told we still have SO much time until the baby, but I'm starting to feel like time is flying by! I'm almost in my 3rd trimester (eek!) and we've done nothing to the nursery. However, we have picked out a theme! We're going to have a Nautical Nursery! :) 

Here's the bedding we picked out. We both just LOVED it right away. 

Honestly this picture is just SO MUCH of an overload to me... we're definitely going to keep it much simpler. 

Aren't the sheets too cute?!?! We just love them. The cute little anchors and whales. The sail boats and monkey - yeah when I describe it to people it sounds SO random. But it fits together nicely I think! :)

Here's the cute little mobile.

So I've been searching online for tons of ideas about decorating, painting and colors etc. Well now that we have the bedding picked out we have some sort of direction for everything! Here are a few examples of nautical nurseries I LOVE!!!

I've also found tonsssss of cute stuff off Wall decals, baby's name in block letters and personalized with the nursery colors, pictures and lots more.

Love this wall decal...however don't really understand the cars in the kiddos bedding. Hmm... what's the connection here?!

No - Jacob is not going to be his name. Cute block letters though!

Boutique Boys M2M Pottery Barn Kids Baby Boats Cape Cod Nautical Transportation Nursery Bedding Wall Art Personalized
Just thought the "Captain" thing was another cute idea.
Being a teacher ~ I can't help but love all the alphabet letters with nautical words. :) 

If you have any fun decorating ideas for a 'nautical nursery' or know of any places that have good decor let me know! This is becoming more and more real!

It's a wonderful life!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Hey there!!! Happy Thursday...almost Friday!

I'm linking up with Ryan's good friend from high school, Brooke! Her blog inspired me to get mine rolling and it's precious! Check her out!  

I'm going to attempt The Good, The Bad, The Ugly today. :)

The Good: Wore my favorite/new maternity shirt to work today.
The Bad: I got it a few weeks ago and it's super snug.
The Ugly: Probably won't be able to wear it next week. :(

The Good: We're half way through February and almost to my favorite month March! 
The Bad: I will turn a quarter of a century old over Spring Break.
The Ugly: This means I'm half way to 50 - and 5 years from 30! eek!

The Good: Hubby and I are planning out our little boy's nursery. 
The Bad: The calendar seems full every weekend until May.
The Ugly: Time is passing too quickly and feels like we'll never get it done!

Ok that was the best I could do. haha

It's a wonderful life!

PS- Belly Bump pic for week 25 coming...however I'll be 26 by the time it gets up!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day!

Happy Belated Valentine's Day everyone!

Ryan and I never make a big deal of this holiday...we feel like you can and should celebrate love everyday! (Cheesy I know...) So this year even thought it's our first V-day as husband and wife we decided not to get each other anything. Didn't really wanna spend the money and just wanted to spend quality time together.
We went out to eat Saturday night at Olive Garden (thanks to my wonderful mother-in-laws 'date in a basket' for Christmas) and we had such a great time. It stilllll kills me that I can't have a glass of wine...need to find out when it's 'safe' to do that. But we got appetizers, dinner and I had Peanut Butter Brownie desert waiting at home. Ry LOVES brownies and especially loves Reeses so it was the perfect combination! YUM-O!
Well... hubs surprised me. I was sort of upset cause I felt like a lame-o!!!! I got him 2 cards (cause I couldn't decide which one to buy) and a cute box I filled with Reeses hearts. Below is a picture of the beautiful tulips and monkey stuffed animal he got me. The sweet words on his card was the best part. The bedding/nursery theme we picked out for baby boy (coming in a later post) has a monkey in he wrote lots of sweet stuff that made me cry and then said, "I can't wait to have 'our little monkey' running around!" How cute - he tied it all together. :)

Hope everyone is feeling loved!

Give thanks to the God of heaven. His love endures forever (Psalm 136:26)

It's a wonderful life!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

24 weeks & 4 days....

Ohhhhh boy! ;)

Dr. Appointment tomorrow - update will come on this post later!

So here's the update on our 24 wk appointment! It was set for 4pm and we ended up waiting for about an HOUR AND A HALF to be seen. That's the tough thing about taking late afternoon appointments after work (so I don't have to take a half day and get a sub and plans together...) but whatever I was still excited about hearing baby boy's heartbeat and getting measured.

We first just talked to the Dr. and I told her my joints were feeling unstable (my bad knee especially...injury in high school), starting to get heartburn and indigestion again, and lack of sleeping.  She said all of these things are normal and just a part of pregnancy. Relaxin in a hormone that allows your muscles in your stomach to relax for the BIG my joints are just dealing with that. Heartburn -tums tums tums and avoid food that triggers heartburn. (For me it feels like everything gives me a little burn). Sleeping - just gotta get comfortable and I need to turn off the TV. It's not that I'm watching it, I have it muted. I know you're like...'well why do you have it on then?' I know my mom does the same thing at night, but I'm in bed WAY before Ryan usually and the TV sort of keeps my company while I'm alone. He stays up with Moose and I get to bed around 9 or 9:30. Just need to turn off the TV and get my good rest now!!!

She used the doppler and his heart was beating at about 130 bpm. She said he sounded GREAT and that his heart rate was perfect. I seriously hang on the Dr. every word! Such a RELIEF when they say those things. Ryan and I both still tear up a little bit when we hear our baby boy's heartbeat. SOOO much love and we don't even know him yet.

Then she goes to measure me with that tape measure...(They have this special tape measure... and they measure from your pelvic bone to the top of your tummy/uterus ....the centimeters should equal the number of weeks you are. So 24 wks... should measure around 24 cm.) well drum roll please........ 28 cm. That means he's measuring a little over 3 weeks ahead!!! EEK! She said this isn't bad, and that genetics definitely plays into it. She said I'm a tall woman (I haven't been told that in a long time) and that I might just make a big baby, plus Ryan is 6'1 and I'm 5'7ish. We both were born around 7 lbs so maybe our baby will be 7 or 8 lbs. She said they'll just continue to monitor my/baby's growth and if my measurement continues to be on the big side...they'll do an ultra sound and adjust the due date. PRETTY CRAZY! That would put us into early May. I better get working on my maternity leave papers for school!

ETA is still May 28, 2011

Still can't get over how amazing this experience is, and how much love I feel pouring into my heart. I am in awe of God's perfect plan for us - even when we didn't feel ready - He chose us to bring a little soul into the world and showed us who is really in control of our lives. I am humbled. Praying for Him to prepare me for motherhood, Ryan for fatherhood and us both for parenthood! Always praying for our little one's health and a safe delivery!

It's a wonderful life!

Friday, February 4, 2011


It's been an interesting week! Dallas (where my family lives) has had SO much has been cancelled 4 days in a row! That NEVER happened when I was a kid! Maybe one ice/snow day every other year. This week RRISD had a 2 hr delayed start on Thursday and then a scheduled 2 hr delayed start on Friday.

Well last night I couldn't sleep very well (just like most nights now). For one thing, I wanted to watch the weather channel to hear about the snow, when I was going to be falling and what the school situation would be on Friday. However, I had also made Turkey Chili for dinner (delish!) and it didn't settle very well in my stomach.          :( Ryan had no problems...just the preggo. Drinking water, eating tums - no relief! By morning I felt a little better, but even now still feeling the 'effects'. Well at 5am the news station reported that RRISD closed schools for the day! Yay! Here are a few pics below...

First Snow together in our house :)

Moose didn't really know what to do with the snow! He was staring at some birds on the fence... so cute.
Love his dark fur against the white snow... :)

Here's a video of Moose on the porch this morning. Moose LOVES ice from the fridge, so the fluffy snow was pretty fun for him. Got stuck on his nose - so cute.

And some baby bump pics... this was a picture from 23 wks. Tomorrow I am 24 wks = 6 months!!! I feel like this shirt looks so much cuter in person than on here... still learning to love my constantly changing body!

It's a wonderful life!