Saturday, March 19, 2011

3D/4D Sono - Meet Landon!

Well... I'm back blogger world. I know I know...I haven't been gone long at all. The combination of Spring Break and giving up Facebook for Lent has freed up SO much time to blog - as you can tell. Haha I think I've blogged almost everyday this past week. Oh well - hope you enjoy!

For my birthday Ryan surprised me with a 3D/4D sonogram session at this awesome pregnancy spa place in Austin.

Beautiful place..very peaceful! I really wanna go back for a massage! :)

So when I've seen other people's 3D pics of their baby...I of course think the technology is amazing and it's so cool to see images of their baby - but sometimes the pics are kinda hard to make out and even a little creepy. Am I horrible for thinking this?! Maybe. Of course after getting to experience this myself I definitely do not think it is creepy by any means and found its absolutely amazing to see our little miracle. 

First we told the lady we were told he was a boy and just wanted to confirm that he indeed was a boy. After all - we have just painted his entire room shades of blue. So we did that first....and yes that is the picture below. I don't think I need to explain the image any further. hehe

His profile - the umbilical cord is floating around right by his face. His head looks a little large/warped here...but she said it's all good. Just how the picture came out.

Meet Landon! Cute little nose and you can see his eyes and mouth!

His head is sort of down and has his hand on his forehead... we were laughing that he was so annoyed with us poking around trying to get some good images of him. Either that or he was thinking about something, maybe dreaming. ;)

His hand...I asked her to stop and count his fingers and toes. He has all 10. No more no less.

His hand/arm looks funny here, but he was sucking on his hand. We couldn't tell if it was him sucking his thumb or not. But his little arm is just resting right in front of his face. 

Such an incredible experience. Best.Birthday.Gift.Ever. It was a gift for both of us - Ryan really loved it. He thought it was awesome. 

30 weeks today! We meet Landon in 10 weeks! and counting...Next appointment is April 1st. Feeling so blessed.

It's a very very wonderful life! :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Nursery Pics!

Happy Friday everyone!

This past week has just been the best! It's my Spring Break and it could not have come at a more perfect time. It's been a much needed break from school before we push through the end of the year and I've been able to focus on preparing 'things' for our baby!

My sister also had Spring Break this past week and I asked if she would come down to help me paint the nursery. This was the BIG project Ry and I needed to tackle. Ryan had work all week and I told him I needed this project to do during the week! I wanted to get the painting done and then I'd have peace of mind that I had done something to the baby's room. We are finding that weekends are getting filled with family or friends visiting, traveling and baby classes at the hospital! He said as long as I have some help (he didn't want me doing it alone) then I could go for it. He felt better when he found out sister was coming down. :) So did I...


Remember this? This is the baby's room before. It was originally a 'ladybug' room for a little toddler girl. Cute idea..not going to work for our little man.

YAY! I LOVE how it turned out. The chair rail looks so great in the room with the two tones of blue. Sorry for tooting my own horn, but I think we did a great job! We left the ceiling edge for Ryan to do - that was his only request. He also came home and thought it looked great! Now I'm imagining the white crib and white dresser. :) 

Here are pics of the transformation...
Jenn and I had to use a tinted primer. The paint lady told us that covering the red/black spots with white primer wouldn't do it. Red would bleed through...and we'd have to do a TON of layers. So she tinted it grey and it worked wonders!!! Only needed one coat of this primer.

This was after we finished the trim on the base boards and under the chair rail.

My awesome painter-partner-in-crime! She was such a BIG help.

Here was the first coat of the dark blue. It ended up needing two coats and the trim still needs one more go around...yikes! This is why we decided to start on the bottom first...we knew it would need the most work!

Here's the rest of the room.. a 360 view!

Room door

Sliding closet doors

I guess I have not revealed the baby's name on here. Well we've decided and before we painted the light blue I decided to write a little message....

Landon Lee Corl! We already had the middle name set - Lee is Ryan's middle name and his dad's and his grandfather's. Then we had our handful of names (I had posted a poll on here with 4 boy names) and I found I was naturally calling him Landon when I thought about him. I told Ryan and he said, "Well then that's his name! I love it!" So - Landon just stuck!

I have to thank my sister over and over again for her help! You're awesome Jenna! She's going to be a fantastic Auntie. :)

More pics to come once we get some stuff inside this nursery!

It's a wonderful life!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Babymoon! Part 3

Babymoon - Part 3 and last post about our trip!

29 weeks! Up and ready to go for our last day of our trip!

Sunday morning we went to mass in the beautiful St. Mary's Cathedral right across the street from our hotel (so convenient!) and then headed over to the Alamo. There was a line about 5 miles long for inside/audio tours. We just decided to walk around the grounds and take some pictures. 

Us and baby boy! WOW - I look huge. We are both sorta laughing here cause I told the random girl taking our picture to not zoom in so much. Ha!

Neat 'memorial' at the Alamo

Another set of statues outside the Alamo

Goodbye San Antonio! It's been fun!

Such a wonderful weekend with Ryan before the next few months get very busy, and we become parents! Great to get a way from everything and just enjoy time together. Not a care in the world. He truly is my very best friend and the love of my life - he is going to be the best father. Love you Ryno!

It's a wonderful life!

Babymoon! Part 2

Here's more of our trip!
'Sip' - this was a cute restaurant/bakery that had GREAT food! We ate lunch here after we walked around the Zoo for 2 hours. It felt good to get a lot of walking in that day - I did need to take a break and put my feet up for a while before we went out to dinner.

Famous Riverwalk Boat rides! Here's a view from the bridge above the riverwalk.

Waiting in line to go!

Our funny tour guide

And we're off...

Riverwalk Mall

Cute riverwalk restaurants

St. Francis

They had a St. Patrick's day festival...

Here's the band people were watching - later that day they dyed the river green for St. Patrick's day! Wish I had taken a picture of that!

The Alamo...this was on the way to the riverwalk.

Us - the weather was great!

Dinner @ Mi Tierras! YUM-O Mexican food. :)

This place was HUGE! and so much fun!

Our drinks - relax... it's a virgin strawberry daiquiri. Wanted to have a fun drink - it was yummy! Makes me excited for this summer.

Hubs at Mi Tierras - we highly reccommend it!

Tons of live music playing - very fun atmosphere!

It's a wonderful life!