Sunday, August 28, 2011

Landon's Baptism and 3 month pics!

Here's our big boy!!! 
He is 3 months old and we just cannot believe it!

He wouldn't look at the camera, but they all are so cute and I couldn't just pick one. Landon smiles a ton and LOVES to laugh now. It's music to my ears. Also, on his 3 month 'birthday' he got Baptized! My sister, mom and mother in law all took pics for us! So - I'm in the process of downloading them from facebook and posting them on here. Below are just a few...

So whoever is in Christ is a new creation: the old things have passed away; behold, new things have come. 2 Cor 5:17 

It's a wonderful life!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tiny House Project

So here's a different topic! House Projects! We are loving our little house and slowly doing projects around the house to make it 'ours'. There's one wall in our family room and it has our beautiful mantle and fireplace! Ryan suggested a while back that we paint this wall some sort of warm color because it's sort of a focal point in the room. Never got around to it until this past weekend. 



I think it looks great! The color is called 'latte' and it's actually in our master bedroom too. We need to clean out the fire place but since we never use it I thought we could get a handful of candles that are different heights and put them inside there. It would look so pretty lit up! Here's a picture of what I'm talkin' about!

Very cozy room... I'd love to be an interior decorator :)
*Other News*
  • Meet the Teacher night went really well!!! I'm excited about this new year! Great kids, great parents! The teachers get just as excited as the kids. 
  • Landon is going to be 3 months on Saturday and getting Baptized! Yay!
  • Ryan and I are starting to feel more human and getting good sleep because Landon is so awesome. God bless you baby boy! 
  • Oh... if you haven't noticed - I decided to do a blog makeover. Still fixing somethings..I think I like it! :) 
It's a wonderful life!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

He's rolling!

This morning Landon rolled over for the first time! It was so fun for Ryan and I to witness this milestone together! :)

Before the roll...
After.. didn't really know what to think of Mommy and Daddy cheering! hehe
Moose of course had to join in the fun
Here's a video of Baby L rolling over. Took him about a minute and a half, but he did a great job! :) I'm excited for him, and will probably miss the days where I put him down and he stays in the exact same spot! 

**Please turn the volume down... beware of my loud/annoying mom voice... I just couldn't help myself I was so excited and too close to the flip cam!!!**

It's a wonderful life!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Houston Trip in pictures!

Houston trip was great! We had a lot of fun visiting with family and friends! Here is our trip in pictures. :)

Our big boy ready for the road trip! PS - he LOVES to stare at this lion on his carseat.

Beautiful Brittany walking with her dad! Wish I could've centered this better! Great dress!

Husband and Wife! Pretty outdoor ceremony
my date ;)

Hangin with daddy

Tummy Time! He's so strong.. just not very happy while doing it.

Love him!

Messing with his thumb

Once again with the thumb at the sushi restaurant

Gigi and Uncle Evan!

They love each other :)

Happy Friday!

It's a wonderful life!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thumb Sucker

Just got back from our Houston trip and it was so much fun! I'll post pictures soon, but we have a new development... Landon has discovered his thumb. 

Mixed feelings about this... 
1) It's great that he has found his hands/thumbs and it's a way to self-soothe, especially if mommy and daddy are taking too long to find his paci. but 2) It's difficult to break kids of this habit and I know dentists and orthodontists will push for kids to stop sucking their thumb.

I got a quick picture of him sucking his thumb and then I pulled out the flip cam because he was just working so hard to find it - priceless!

Also, everyone's first question is, "How is he sleeping through the night?" I know it's 'conversation' but everyone knows the real answer. He's NOT! haha However, Friday night he slept from 11-5am (6 hours! yahoo!) and then 5 something til 9am! We were SO happy because we were needing to catch up. Another exciting thing was at 5am after he was done feeding he was WIDE awake... I mean bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to laugh, smile and play with mommy. However, it was still time to sleep so I swaddled him up and gave him his binky. He put himself to sleep! It was amazing. I tried to stay up and make sure he went back to sleep - but I couldn't stay awake, ended up falling asleep and woke up at 9. No crying, fussing or needing mommy intervention. :) Very exciting. 

Can't wait til he really sleeps through the night, but I do love our middle of the night cuddles. The house is quiet and we're the only ones awake. Precious time together.

It's a wonderful life!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Miscellany Monday!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I haven't joined Miscellany Monday in a long while! So here it goes...

1. Friday night our sweet Landon slept 6 hours in-a-row!!! Didn't happen the next night or the next, but it is possible. We know he can do it. :) 
Nap on the couch :)

2. Today is August 1st... that means summer is ending and school is RIGHT around the corner. Not quite ready to leave my little boy and head back to school/work, but I'm so fortunate to be at a wonderful school with coworkers I love. Not to mention I love teaching kids. I will probably have more stories about my students on here in a few short weeks.

3. Ran around town on Saturday as a little family :) 
Mommy feeling refreshed and loving her boy!
Landon loves his Daddy - do you see a resemblance?!

4. Houston Trip/Wedding Weekend!
This is actually a picture from our wedding reception, but the bride whos wedding we are going to is in this picture. (She is the brunette) Brittany is one of Ryan's best friends from High School and we cannot wait to see her get married! Baby boy will be staying at Gigi's (Ry's mom) house and we'll have a night out. :) Kinda excited...

Happy Monday! Happy August!

It's a wonderful life!