Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Best Buds...

These two will be best friends - I just know it.

Hilarious video I caught of Landon's reaction to Moose. (Well atleast I think it's hilarious...) He's just recently started to recognize him. Landon loves to stare at Moose walking around the house, and you'll see Moose loves to kiss Landon. haha Sometimes you can't see Moose in the video, but you can tell he's near because of Landon's face/giggles.

It's a wonderful life!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pumpkin Cheesecake Muffins!

I LOVE fall and I especially love to have anything pumpkin this time of year. This Pillsbury Quick Bread Pumpkin box only comes out in the fall - and I get VERY excited when September rolls around cause I can usually find it. 

Quick Bread
On the side of the box there is a recipe for Pumpkin Cheesecake Muffins. I decided to give them a try! A combo of two of my favorite things had to be good!

Pumpkin Cheesecake Muffins

Basically - you make the pumpkin mix and cheesecake mix separate. Fill your muffin tray with muffin baking cups, pour 1/4 pumpkin batter into each cup and then add the cheesecake mix. Make the yummy crumbles to put on top and TA-DA! YUM!

They turned out great... next time I wanna add more creamcheese because it just seemed like it needed more! The pumpkin overpowered the cheesecake, but there's nothing wrong with that. :) Here's the official Pillsbury Recipe below. 

Not quite like the Pillsbury picture, but tasted pretty darn good.

It's a wonderful life!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 years ago...

10 years ago today...I will never forget. I was at drill team practice in the early early morning, and our director stopped practice to tell us what had happened. I had no idea what the 'world trade center' in NYC was... I didn't even know we had one in Dallas. We left the indoor practice field and sprinted back to the high school building. A bunch of high school girls so scared - we were watching the sky as if something was about to happen.

All day our teachers had the TVs on...showing the images of the buildings on fire and replays of the second plane hitting the towers. It looked like a it wasn't even real. I just felt numb, and couldn't fully grasp what was going on. My dad is a pilot for Southwest Airlines and he was flying that day. I was scared out of my mind for him. Were there more hijackers out there? Could his flight be affected? What would he do in that situation? 

Went to lunch later that day - and the alarms went off. I was in line for pizza, still totally shaken up by everything when the sirens go off. I begin to cry. I start running to exit the building - I remember saying out loud, "What is happening?!" Someone had made a bomb threat on our campus and everyone, I mean everyone scrambled to get out of the building. Bomb threats at high schools are taken very seriously, but especially with the events that had happened that morning...they were taking no chances. Over 3,000 high schoolers were crammed into the Indoor Field House and some were put in the football stadium. Parents started pulling up to the school to pick up their kids that couldn't drive yet, and others just left and went home. The principals tried to keep all of us on campus - trying to figure out who made the bomb threat, but no such luck. I actually stayed in the Field House with my friends til the end of the school day. We were just talking and trying to process everything that happened. 

Later that night we had a football game against Jesuit. The Halftime Show was always a big hit at our school with our award winning band and drill team performances. In honor of that day we had a long, very somber moment of silence. All of us in tears. Afraid, sad, scared, shaken...thinking of those that lost their lives and their children. Coppell's band and Jesuit's band decided to perform together. It was a very emotional. Our director that morning decided to change our kick routine music to "This Land Is Your Land"... we were all kicking and performing the best we could, and crying at the same time. What an experience.

This past Friday - Coppell played Jesuit... and the bands performed together again.

It's a wonderful life!

PS - My dad is a blogger for Southwest Airlines...he wrote about his memories of September 11th and his feelings about it as a pilot. 
We Will Never Forget.
Nuts About Southwest Blog

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Landon the Lion!

Ok... yes I am already thinking about Halloween! Can't help it! I loved the holiday as a kid and LOVED to dress up in all sorts of different costumes. I'm excited about all the holidays about to come up and lots of 'firsts' for Landon.  Ryan and I wanted to find something really cute and unique for Landon to wear on Halloween - my traditional side wanted to do a pumpkin or bumble-bee, but then I stumbled upon the cutest costume. 

A little more to the story... around 9 wks we noticed Landon was able to focus better, track things with his eyes, and become more entertained because he could see things around him better. We have a little vibrating 'chair' he can sit in (if you're my facebook friend, we get lots of great picture of him in this chair. The background is alphabet letters and animals) and one of the animals on the chair is a lion - and there is a hanging lion he can grab onto. He is always STARING at it... and he'll sometimes squeal while looking at it. I feel like it's because of the contrasting colors (orange and yellow) that he likes, but then our sitter sent a picture text of him playing with a lion toy she had at her house! He was staring at the lion and smiling in the picture! No kidding. Then we realized the little toy we have hanging from his carseat... you're right - it's a lion. So with this lion theme emerging from Landon, I found this costume:
Lil Lion Elite Collection Infant/Toddler Costume

I mean seriously.. TOO CUTE RIGHT?! I can't resist... I have to get this! Hopefully the heat won't be SO terrible in October. I started thinking I could be Dorthy and Ryan could be the Tin-Man or Scarecrow!!! Plus I love the Wizard of Oz. :) Ryan thinks dressing up past college is silly, but I disagree. We'll see if I can get him to be the Tin-Man with no heart or Scarecrow with no brain. Just kidding babe! Love you! 

Well - I have a video for you... Landon is practicing his 'roar'...

*Please don't look at the messy house in the background*

You'll also notice Landon is losing his hair...workin' a nice comb over, and by the end of the video he was about done with us.

Happy Wednesday! 

PS - Starbucks is now selling their PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE!! YUM-O!

It's a wonderful life!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Video Post

As you already know... Ryan and I will do ANYTHING to get Landon to smile, laugh, or giggle. We are loving this 3 month age and know it is only going to get better! He is very good at entertaining himself and exploring the world around him, and he is able to use his jumperoo now! YAY! His legs are long enough and his head and neck are strong enough to handle all the fun. :) I'm posting a few videos in this post...

First one is the jumperoo! He is also starting to make more noises and he'll even just sit and 'talk' to us... hilarious! He loves the hanging rhino and monkey on his jumperoo and I caught him 'talking' to them...

The next two videos are of Ryan and Landon. I have to be careful how I catch these moments on camera because once baby L sees the camera/camera phone or red light, he knows! and stops what he's doing. It is the biggest thrill to see Ryan be a dad.... watching the two of them play/interact together is priceless!!! Here are a few funny moments - it reminds me of those videos of parents doing whatever makes their baby laugh over and over just to keep them laughing. Do you know what I'm talking about? Ok here they are...

Love you both to the moon and back again! My heart is so full!

It's a wonderful life!