Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011 :)

I LOVE FALL! I couldn't wait for it to come around. The crazy heat of summer is pretty much gone (I hope) and the holidays are near!!! Halloween used to be my favorite holiday as a kid (right behind Christmas) and we always visited a local pumpkin patch each year to pick out just the right one to carve for our porch. 

We went to Dallas to celebrate Ryan's cousin's engagement (Congrats Kristina and Conrad!) and we stayed at my parent's house! Landon met Grammie and other family for the first time. (Great pictures of those moments I'll post another day) We got to see almost everyone. It was a great weekend!

Here are a few cute pics from the pumpkin patch in Flower Mound that we visited! Never been to this before, but it was beautiful and had tons of fun stuff to do. It's funny now that we are included in the 'parent club' - we search for places to go and things to do that Landon would like. Life is no longer about ourselves...well when has it really ever been about ourselves?

Thanks for letting us borrow your camera Auntie Jenn! It has shown me (us) how badly we need a new one. The pictures turned out so well! 

Can't wait for Halloween on Monday! Landon the Lion! Get ready!

Such a classic! Cannot wait to watch this on Monday!!! :)

It's a wonderful life!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rice Cereal...

So... we've been debating whether to start Landon on 'food'. American Academy of Pediatrics recommends waiting until babies are closer to 6 months old to start solids- however lots of people being somewhere between 4 and 6 months only if the baby seems ready. Rice Cereal and Oatmeal are the first things they recommend starting babies on. I was still a little apprehensive, but I did research online and felt it was about time. Plus he started waking up a lot more during the night and acting like he was starving!!! I discovered this quiz on Gerber's website... I was going to trust my mommy instinct first, but these questions really made me feel like we were on track!

Quiz Questions:
1. Is your baby 4 months or older?
2. Has your baby doubled his/her birth weight?
3. Does your baby consume 32 oz or more of breastmilk or formula each day?
4. Does your baby sit with little support?
5. Does your baby turn his/her head when they are full?
6. Does your baby frequently put things in his/her mouth?
7. Does your baby watch with interest as you eat, perhaps even opening his/her mouth and leaning forward as if to ask for a bite?

All were answered... YES! 

Especially the last one. The other night at dinner Ryan was holding Landon in his lap and he started reaching and grabbing for the rice on his plate. He's constantly grabbing the cups we're drinking from and watching us bring food to our mouth. 

Here's video of his first feeding! 
(Sorry this was taken from Ryan's iPhone - hope the quality is ok!)
I was amazed at how he knew just what to do! Couldn't help but laugh...hes TOO CUTE!

Thank you for praying for our little angel... tests came back and he is perfectly healthy! There is one more DNA test they want to do - but it looks like it's mosaic pigmentation. So this light colored 'birthmark' will just isolate itself in one area of his body.. which seems to be his left leg and should stop spreading by mid line of his back. We are thankful it is not affecting another 'system' in his body and he's not in pain or uncomfortable. Ry and I worried about him getting older and being teased by other kids... can't help it! But we joke and say he'll have hairy legs someday and nobody will notice! hehe 

It's a wonderful life!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Photo Bomb!

I miss blogging... I really do. There is so much to juggle now!

Time is flying so we're trying to take as many pictures as possible of our Landon! Here's what we've been up to lately...

Working on sitting! He's getting there!

These two love each other... Moose thinks Landon is his puppy. Licks him constantly! He will come lay by him a lot - he is very sweet and gentle with him.

Hangin' with my little boy - he's getting big so fast. 
Sllllooooow doowwwwwnnnn!

My little golfer... we matched! Had to get a pic of this :)

Remember this...

Well here we are 4 months later!

Recently we took Landon to the dermatologist for a birthmark we noticed on his leg. He's had it since birth pretty much - we really noticed it around 2 wks old. Just a small, light colored birthmark - like it was missing pigmentation. Our only concern was that it looked like it was spreading - but we figured it was just from him growing. Pediatrician suggested we go see a pediatric dermatologist. Ryan took him to his appointment (I wanted to be there, but had already missed two days of work when Landon got pink eye and his first cold... Oh YEA - we survived our first cold.) Ry called to tell me later that the dermo decided to do a biopsy to make sure it wasn't anything else but a birthmark (mosaic pigmentation). Oh boy - big tears from me while I was at work. My exact words... "A BIOPSY???!!!" "TWO STITCHESS!!!!!" literally yelling into the phone and feeling so bad/sad for baby boy. Apparently Landon did really well and it didn't really phase him at all. We get results back this week. While you say your prayers - do you mind throwing one in for our little guy? Hoping it's just a birthmark and nothing serious!

We FINALLY got rain! Yay! Really feels like Fall... loving our Sunday together. Church, lunch, rain!, football, relaxing....

It really is a wonderful life!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

4 months!


Oh my word little man... where has the time gone?! Crazy to think just 4 short months ago you were in my tummy! How in the world did you ever fit in there? Now you're out here in the big wide world "talking", drooling and laughing like crazy. I love you to pieces...

Some new things that you love is bath time! This makes it much more enjoyable for mom and dad. You love getting a good scrub down and having the water pretty warm. Your hair is coming back in (which is too cute!) and you like when daddy washes your hair/head. :) Someday soon (I'm sure) you'll be able to sit up and enjoy splashing. Can't wait for bath time to be longer than about 5-10 minutes! 

You wake up so happy. It's one of my favorite things - even though you get me up so early, it's so worth it to be greeted with your big gummy smile and giggles. You're becoming a better sleeper and can't quite stay up as late as you used to. 

Since week 1 - you have been so ALERT! Taking in the world around you. You get bored pretty quick and always want something new to play with or do. Everyone has always comment about how alert and happy you seem. You've been smiling since week 1. I also love that you're looking for us around the house. Mom, Dad or Moose. You wanna know where we are. :) It's crazy how you've caught onto things.

You have also discovered your feet! It's hilarious! Never fails... on the floor, during diaper changes...when you bust out of your swaddle - you have your feet in your hands. It's adorable. Your reaction was kind of like... Have I really had these all along?! and I never knew?! 

We can't believe it (and neither can Dr. Travis) but you are cutting teeth!!! Two little ones on the bottom... and it's making you pretty unhappy at times. We are finding ways to make you more comfortable and you've found that chewing on your thumb makes it all better. ;)
Dr. Travis said you look and act more like a 6 month old than a 4 month old! You are just a big healthy boy and growin' just right. But a little to fast for mommy's liking.

Still so humbled that God has entrusted you to us and you've brought so much joy into our lives.  We can't really remember what life was like before you. 

"I hope you don't mind if I put down in words... how wonderful life is now you're in the world."

Love you pumpkin - to the moon and back again,

It's a wonderful life!