Sunday, November 20, 2011

Message from L

Hey's me Landon! Up close and personal!

I think it's way more exciting to hear from me instead of mom. So I'm taking over the blog today. I've decided that a monthly update just isn't enough! I'm doing way more than mom tells you about and I'm changing so quickly - it's more like we need weekly updates. Definitely keeping mommy on her toes - always something new going on.

So I'm eating more than rice cereal these days...I've tried sweet potatoes and I LOVE IT! Mommy tried to mix it with rice cereal (thinking I would like a familiar taste to get used to a new one..) but YUCK I didn't like that. Made lots of faces cause she can't seem to figure out what I'm saying. I am mainly eating big people food around dinner time, but I heard mom telling dad that she thinks we need to add a breakfast meal in there! YIPPIE... I love food. (can you tell? I'm a chunk and I think I'll weigh more than our Thanksgiving turkey..hehe) Mom and dad made me baby food at home! I tried sweet potatoes from a jar first just to see if I'd like it! 

Also...I have this new move when I play on the floor. I like to call it 'the helicopter'. I'm not quiet ready to crawl but I'm close. Can't figure out how to get the arms and legs moving together just right. I stay on my belly and push around in a circle to see the entire room around me. If Moose walks by I can follow him just by using my arms and pushing myself in a circle! It's a lot of fun, but I really wanna crawl and I get frustrated when I can't get it. My coordination is lacking there. I'm pretty much sitting up on my own, but still fall every once in a while. 

I have awesome toys! I love the color red a lot and anything that squeaks. Moose thinks they're his toys too and I share them with him, but mommy and daddy don't like that. I also love things that light up and play music. I have a piano that I like to bang on (just like Uncle Adam) and I have concerts at home for my parents. I love to chew on all of my toys...they all just taste so good and feel good on my gums. Soon I'll have some teeth! 

Bathtime is the BEST! I used to HATEEEEE it. Absolutely hated it. Sitting in my baby tub and getting water poured on me and rubbed all over with soap was awful! But now...I can sit up and I have some toys to play with! Bubbles are the best. I like to splash and make mommy and daddy laugh. I guess they think I'm pretty cute. I still really hate being dried off and have lotion put all over me. Getting into PJs is just not fun either. I know it happens everyday and I should be used to it by now, but I just don't like it!

It will be my first Thanksgiving this week! I get to go see Gigi and Uncle Evan in Houston! More of daddy's family will be there too. I cannot wait. Maybe I'll see Great Grammie again. I like her! I hope I get to eat part of the feast too! 

Moose is my best friend. He's always there. I love to watch him play inside and outside the house. He makes me laugh more than anyone else. People always try to make me laugh and tickle me like crazy- but Moose gets the best giggles outta me. Someday I'll be able to throw the ball to him like daddy does. Moose and I are great pals.

There's also a girl I'm kinda crazy about. She takes really good care of me. Always there when I wake up...even if it's the middle of the night. She feeds me, holds me, hugs me when I cry and when I don't, kisses me a lot, talks to me, changes my diaper and clothes when I need it, plays with me during bath time and rocks me to sleep at night. I don't get to be with her all day - cause she's working hard being a good teacher. But she takes me to a lady's house and it's a lot of fun. I know I can't be with her all day, but I still love her so much. Soon she'll be able to stay home with me! (maybe...)

You got's mommy. I love her.

 It's Sara - yeah I wrote that last part. Hopefully that's what he'd say to me if he could talk. Ryan also does all of those things too- he's an awesome dad. Love you Ry!
(Just wanted to make sure he gets a lot of credit too!)

Crazy about my little boy.

It's a very wonderful life!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wow way behind ~ 5 months :)

Well...the Corl house has been SUPER busy these past few weeks (months?!). Landon is 5 months - nearing 6 months in just a couple of weeks. Cannot believe how time has flown. (I feel like I say that during every post but SERIOUSLY!)

Landon is over 18 lbs and in 6 month clothes. When he grew out of newborn clothes I was so meant he was growing into a bigger boy (which we do want to see our baby grow big and healthy..) but it was almost like we had a ceremony emptying out that drawer and putting those outfits inside a tub to be put under his crib. Well another ceremony has come and gone and I put all of his cute 3 month rompers and overalls in it's new home. ::sigh::

Love that smile.. hair is growing back! A lot lighter than at birth, very fuzzy and thick!

Yes...droooooling up a storm

Practicing sitting... boppy there as a bumper. :)

He likes to see the world from this view instead of on his back or tummy!
He doesn't stop all. Constant movement and exploring. Landon is very curious about absolutely everything. It's a challenging holding him (in church or out and about for example) because he's constantly looking around and pushing on us to get a better view of things. 

Trips we've taken:

Czhilispiel in Flatonia, TX - so fun to see these friends! 

Ryan's cousin's engagement party! Grammie and Landon met for the first time!

He stared at her for a long time. So sweet!
Trip to Tampa, FL to visit Florida Stoeckle's!
Happy boy in the airport... we both were very nervous about this trip.

Flight was delayed an hour but he stayed entertained. 

Passssssed out after his bottle during take off...slept through the landing.

Bouncing on the bed with Great Uncle Michael...Great Aunt Kory in the background.

Holly and her new favorite boy!

Precious moments...precious pictures! Love these!

GAK and GUM! hehe nicknames ;)
Not a trip but HAD to post... Halloween! 

Halloween was fun! He was very confused by the costume and everyone making a fuss over how cute he was. His mane was out of control but OH-SO-CUTE! 

Really enjoying this time of year and experiencing all of Landon's "firsts"! Love this life.

It's a wonderful life!