Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas with the Corls

Some pics of my parents visit the weekend before Christmas - we had such a great time!

 My parents got him a Thomas the Train Table - it's awesome. They came right when he was napping so the guys started building. It was quite involved and OF COURSE they didn't look at the directions.

 TA-DA! DONE! Looks amazing and so fun! Dad hangin' until the little guy woke up.

 Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree! Here's our little beauty.

 Ryan went to grab Landon from his crib after he woke up... it was seriously an adorable 'Christmas morning'-like reaction. "Choo Choo!!! Choo Choo!!" He knew immediately what it was. So happy! 

 The little train faces on the front of the table stick out. It was so funny to him and he kept saying, "Hi! Hi!"

Looking at the face on one of the trains. 

 Busy boy... this toy kept his attention all afternoon and the next day and next day...

 Papa Joe getting in on the action.

 Havin' Fun!

Sweet boy - Love him!

Definitely feel like Christmas is when you're with your loved ones even if it's not the exact day!

It's a wonderful life!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

We skipped the professional photos this year and Mom helped us out by taking these!

18 months is a TOUGH age to photograph. He had just been up from a nap and eaten a snack... well he actually kept eating a snack through taking pics just to keep him happy. 

You can tell he was thrilled to be doing these. haha

Can you tell he's chewing goldfish here?


Love this image!
It's a wonderful life!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tree Farm!

One of my FAVORITE Gautille Family Traditions of all time!!!!

For as long as I can remember - the 5 of us went to the Walls Family Tree Farm the day after Thanksgiving every year! It was a blast. Cute barn, apple cider/hot chocolate, cookies, hay rides, family time and searching for & chopping down our Christmas tree. 

Last time I was there (cause we trade of holidays with each side...sad I know - I hate growing up sometimes) I was pregnant with Landon! So I was very excited to take him and see him experience the farm for himself. 

"Who needs mistletoe when you're this cute" - Landon's Shirt :) 
Auntie and L
The adorable and festive barn!
Just your size!!! Thought this was a cute moment - glad I snapped it!
Of course - the boy out exploring
Photographing this age is very tough!
We found it! Cutting the tree down! 
Up close
Nonna checkin' out the tree
Mom feeding Landon cookies and brownies - hyyyper boy!
Cute pic of them walkin' together - 5 seconds later he tripped, fell and started
crying and running back toward me. Landon fell - not my dad.
He wanted to see the tractor until I put him on top of it. See he's not ALWAYS smiling people!
Family that have come to the farm 10 + years sign the tractor! So cute! 
We missed Daddy on this outing - he had to go back to Austin for work.
We had a good time - he was pointing to the tractor here!

It's a MERRY wonderful life!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


The weekend before Thanksgiving (yes I'm all outta order now..) we went to FREDRICKSBURG with our good friends Melissa and Eric and their adorable (almost) ONE year old Kynlee!

Here's the little cottage we stayed in - 4 adults, 2 kids, 1 cottage = lots of fun (and some nights of no sleep due to children waking up) haha
Fredricksburg is an adorable little town in the Hill Country. Lots of Christmas decorations already up and fun sites to see! Shopping too! (More like window shopping)

The cute little apple kitchen

Comfy Family Room!
Another angle...

Part of the bathroom

Silly Hubby :)
My boys - Love this pic!

Found this in the cottage! How perfect!!! :)

Kynlee girl! 

Just hangin out!

Sharing blueberries! yum! 

Neat decoration we found walkin' around town...this probably has a name for itself.
No idea though!

Wanted to put the kids in the gingerbread train on our way back, but you'll see they were tired. 
Awesome dads pushing their kiddo
Sleepy Landon and Kynlee wanted his paci - haha naw I think she just wanted his attention.
Playing in the yard...
Wish we lived down the street from each other!
Landon wanted to go up and down the stairs....and then this - over and over and over...
"Landon - I'm trying to walk here!"
Luckenbach! Live music - Landon was DANCING like crazy. People started cheering him on.
The singers loved it. When we got back to town  - someone stopped Ryan w/Landon and said "Hey that's the Luckenbach dancing boy!" 
Chasing chickens... they're too fast and not in the pic
Sweet girl with her daddy
Fun time of year to visit Fredricksburg!

Bummer the moms didn't get a picture together! Or all 4 of us w/the kiddies. Oh well! Memories live on!

It's a wonderful life!