Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break 2012!

It's almost April and I haven't updated about our March/Spring Break!
 Our Spring Break was back to back weddings! :) First trip was to Houston for Treyley's Wedding! (Trey and Hayley...and yes I coined that nickname ;)

Lunch with GiGi and Uncle Evan at Cheddars! Yum - Landon was worn out but LOVED the aquarium they had there. And of course all the attention from GiGi and Evan. :)

Standing everywhereeeee - checkin' out the storm coming in. Weather was crazy that weekend!

Blurry - but still so sweet.

The Corl Fam :)

Walking down the aisle from rehearsal! Hayley so beautiful and they look so happy!

Socializing... bow bouquet - love it!

The happy couple - soon to be Murpheys!

Kareoke at the Rehearsal Dinner!

The boys in their matching backpacks (gift from Trey the groom) ..singing "Don't Stop Believin" by Journey in perfect San Marcos (Nephew's Bar) style :) Miss those days!

Really into it! haha

Ready to go!

Beautiful church before the ceremony!


Congrats on your marriage!!! We love yall!

More updates to come...

It's a wonderful life!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Snuggle Bug

Landon has become such a snuggle bug! I'm loving it! Some pics from Nonna's visit!

They were playing hide and seek and she found him! He was so tickled with himself.
The 'baby jail' - just kidding! His new toy with a basketball hoop, baseball tee and field goal!
Nonna was playing on the floor and laid down on Landon's pillow pet - cuuuuutest reaction. He laid down too! 
So of course I had to try...hehe. 
Gosh I love this little boy.

He loves to snuggle. I will never forget this feeling. 
Oh boy do I look tired! 

He is starting to have favorite stuffed animals and he hugs on them too. :)

It's a wonderful life!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A boy and his dog

"Every boy should have two things: a dog, and a mother willing to let him have one."

Lookie who I found in the kennel...
(Trust me...he was being supervised, however I ran to grab the camera and catch this cute moment. te he he)

Loves Moose so much! The feeling is mutual :)

Silly boys...

It's a wonderful life!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

9 Months!

9 Months Old!

Had a hard time picking one 'month' picture to post. It's becoming so comical to take these! 

Landon is now pulling to stand and cruising around furniture. UNBELIEVABLE! Ryan and I witnessed the first time he stood up (we were together in the living room) and could not believe our eyes. Amazing how these little humans develop! He was SO proud of himself. Every time he would stand up he would look at us in approval almost and start smiling his bigggg gummy smile. Speaking of gums - still no teeth. Pedi isn't worried at all. :)

I got it right Mom! 9!

He is a whopping 22lbs and 14oz (75-90%) He is eating 3 'meals' a day with some little snacks. We officially switched over totally to formula and he's getting around 4 - 6 oz bottles so 24 oz a day. Pedi said that's great and that it'll taper down as he eats more food. (L used to take over 30 oz of milk and it has dropped a ton since he's added meals) This boy is a bottomless pit! There is really nothing he doesn't like. He was not a fan of pears for a while, but he likes them now. We're going to start trying to feed him table food and let him feed himself. He already feeds himself the little gerber puffs and other baby 'snacks' but he's becoming annoyed with the spoon feeding and almost refusing it. He wants that independence and wants to feed himself!

29 in long - 50%
45 1/2 cm - 50% 

Daddy is being silly behind you mom...I can't pay attention

Words: baba, papa, mama, gaga... still workin' on dada. He mimics sounds we make and loves to 'talk' in the car. Researching big boy car seats now... He's almost too big for his little car seat. Landon is doing the cutest thing now where he is clapping! We say "yay!" and he starts clapping - or if we clap he starts to clap. Funniest thing ever. Also, at his pedi appointment he started waving to the Dr. HAHA Saying 'bababa' - working on bye bye!

Diapers: moving up to size 4s
Clothes: some 9m still fits, I am only shopping for 12m and up now! :( He's such a big boy!
Sleeping: 11 to 12 hours a night! Thank you baby boy! Naps are a little trickier to get him to go down for - but I dunno what we did right, he doesn't cry himself to sleep AT ALL at bedtime. 
Toys he LOVES: His walker, purple phone on his 'sit and stand' walker, 'peek-a-boo' bear (actually talks and plays peek a boo with a blanket..cutest thing ever! Thanks Aunt Leenie!), new 'sports arena' with basketball hoop, football goal and baseball tee (when this cheers he claps..haha) his pillow pets. So funny. Loves his walks outside too.

I will always remember this giggly face
 He is such a cuddle bug and I love it! I've heard once nursing ends they miss out on that 'close/cuddle mommy time' and they try to snuggle more to feel that closeness. Ending nursing was tough (I know some people are uncomfortable talking about breastfeeding but it just seems so normal to me now - haha) Work stress and stress on my body to keep up with him was hard and he basically started rejecting me so I had no choice. (I guess that is a better way for it to happen then me not offering to nurse). Luckily we had started introducing formula verrrry gradually so the transition was really easy.

Thinking back on this time last year - I was feeling very pregnant and anxious and excited all wrapped into one. The unknown is scary - not sure what was ahead or what to expect for the three of us. Not feeling adequate for the 'parent' job, but some how God equips you for the job He has for you. I am forever grateful for this little life and my amazing husband who has jumped into the daddy role head first. Cannot wait to see where the rest of his first year takes us! Enjoying every second!

It's a very wonderful life!