Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sign Language Video!

It's a wonderful life!

10 Months!

Landon Lee,
You are TEN months old... we're in the double digits here! You are the sunshine of my life baby boy. It was hilarious this month trying to get a picture of you sitting somewhat still and holding TWO numbers instead of just one. You are such a (boy) busy body and I love that. Keeps me on the go and fun to see you explore.

You are pointing at absolutely everything! As soon as you wake up and we pick you up - you're pointing at the fan, the lights, the dresser and your pal Moose. I feel like you are so proud of your pointer finger and discovering that you can point!

Your personality is DEFINITELY showing itself. In great and not so great ways. You love to dance and giggle and be tickled by daddy, but are always quick to let us know if you're upset about something. If we take dog toys away from you, if we put you on the carpet where you don't want to be, if we pick you up and you wanna be down (vice versa) or want different food. The most amazing thing is though that you are using sign language!! I caught you showing daddy and I 'more' on video during dinner. Way to go buddy! You're also feeding yourself which is just amazing to me. You're able to pinch food and make it into your mouth. You've definitely decided that being spoon fed by mom or dad is NOT happening. However you love to hold spoons and tap your high chair tray or fling food. (Or sneak it to Moose)

Growing like a weed - you are now in size 4 diapers, 18 month clothes and just about too big for your baby carseat. Amazing/crazy how small you used to look in that seat. You're standing all the time now and pull up on everything. Pushing your stand-n-walk toy and ready to be mobile on your feet. Still tough so you just resort to sitting down real fast and crawling to get where you want.

Landon - you love your sleep and have become such a great sleeper! God Bless you baby boy! Still doing 2 naps a day and sleeping 7am til 6am when we have to wake you so we go to work. Weekends you sleep a little longer and we are so thankful for that!

You love to clap! You clap when we say 'yay!', or when you hear music you like, or when you are eating something you especially love. When you hear others clapping you also join in - too cute! My teacher self loves that you love books. The ones with flaps that lift or have textures are the BEST! Very entertaining. You also love your 'busy bible' that works for about 5 minutes during an hour mass. ;) Mass will get better soon I think (hope!!!).

Even though I think you learn so much from daddy and I each day - you are really the teacher. How to love unconditionally. How to give selflessly. How to stop and take in the moment. How to discover something new each day. How to slow down and enjoy every moment. Can't wait to see what the rest of your first year brings!

Love you pumpkin!

It's a wonderful life!

Friday, April 13, 2012

New Orleans Trip!

Here's the very late post of my first trip to New Orleans and first nights away from Landon. It was such a fun mother/daughter trip and wonderful to see my friend Alyssa get married! Nervous to leave Landon for the first time, but Ry of course had it all under control. Once I got there I was fine! We were so busy - I didn't have time to worry. Just wasn't used to being away from him! I did feel good after the trip and needed the 'me' time away.
We met up here to watch the St. Patty's Day parade! So fun and festive here!

High school buddy about to be my best friend's husband!
 It was fun dressing up and going to see the St. Patrick's Day Parade. Took the trolley to Tracy's and had so much fun. Reminded me of Gasparilla in Tampa - that's a blast too!
Green and people dressed up everywhere... this was just the start

This one is mine ;) Beautiful homes here!
 Loved the arcitecture there! Really neat looking homes and I loved the porches!

Really cool iron work...said this house was listed for a couple million!

Our hotel

 So special to be there and see Alyssa and Andrew get married! Elementary school friends..we were in girl scouts together and loved dance. Visited her in NYC a few years ago while she was training for her job. Awesome girl!
Jenny walking Alyssa down the aisle

Yay they're married!

Police escourt to the reception

Love old cars

She's next!!!
Fun trip with mom!
 Had so much fun with mom! We had a great time.
Cute entrance into the reception! Very New Orleans

Green beer, wedding cake, and friends who feel like family made for a GREAT weekend and end to my Spring Break!

It's a wonderful life!