Tuesday, May 29, 2012

He's walking!!!!

This video doesn't have the best quality (taken from my phone) but it was such an exciting moment! Longest walk we had ever seen him do. He was just hanging onto the wall and I had a feeling I needed to capture what was coming next.

Here it is!

SO amazing to see your baby grow and change and start to WALK!

It's a wonderful life!

Monday, May 28, 2012

SO... worst blogger ever! There is no possible way to catch you up since I'm 2 months behind. So much has happened and Landon has changed from a baby to a toddler all of a sudden!

I'll try to catch you up with pictures!

Bluebonnet pics...
such a cutie
He was kinda scared...didn't want them to touch him at first!
Right after mass... not a happy camper.

Feeding himself.. loves bananas!

Just the 3 of us this year for Easter...so we had to take turns taking pics!

He looked so cute in his button down shirt :) So did Ry.

Not sure what to do with his basket...cannot wait for more Easter traditions and egg hunts as he gets older!

Newest past time... pulling all the DVDs out of the bookshelf and throwing them all over the floor.
I know it's scary to see him pull up on this, but we swear he's supervised.
Watching the Masters and of course pulling up on everything!
See what I'm talkin' about!

Checking out his early birthday gift from us! LOVES his big boy chair!

Mother's Day 2012! First one with my baby boy here! :)


Uncle AJ in town...of course... teaching him to play the trumpet!
11 Months Old!

Going to be honest... took FOREVER to get these pics loaded and captioned. I'm a freak about formatting and I HATE the way this post looks...but I'm too busy to care. haha Just wanna get the post and be 'caught up' so I can fast forward to what's going on now. Thanks for you understanding. ;)

It's a wonderful life!