Thursday, July 26, 2012

Crack me up!

I think the post title says it all...

It's a wonderful life!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

4th of July

I've gotta get better about catching us up! Summer is over half over and we've done so much. Here are some pictures of our 4th of July..

After Landon's nap - he had crazy fun hair so we kept it that way.
Ready for the block party with the neighbors!

Mac - n -cheese :) What's more American than that?!

Love you bed head.
Neighbor block party - success! Someone brought a kiddie pool..
the palm trees sprayed. He was so tickled with himself.

I'm keepin' cool mom.

Loved the beach ball. I gotta get this boy to the beach!
Landon kept saying his favorite first word - HOT...
has to whisper it - hot! YEP it was hot!

My love bugs.

Lake Pflugerville is right behind our neighborhood - something I'll miss if we ever move. They built it in 2006 and it's about 3 miles around. Morning walk around the lake is our ritual - we love it. Anyway - fireworks at the lake is always SO crowded. Neighbors opted to sit in the middle of our street (we had blocked off both ends with cones ;) ) and watched the fireworks from there! IT WAS THE MOST PERFECT VIEW! Too bad I didn't catch any pics. We had put Landon to bed...brought the video monitor outside (we were literally sitting outside our house) and got to enjoy some adult time with adult beverages. :) Ry and I had fun!

It's a wonderful life!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

What a day..

With every post I normally have pics of some sort...but for this one I just don't. If you know me I like to look at the bright side of things and don't like to dwell on bad/tough days. I felt like writing this post - almost just to remind myself that there are tough days and you just have to laugh about it. There are so many things that happen in a few hours of a day with a toddler that I just wanted to jot down what today has been like so far...(and it's only 2:27pm) maybe it'll give you a good laugh.

Landon wakes up at 6:50am. Pretty normal time. Happy as can be. :) We make him breakfast and he eats like a champ (as usual). Ryan worked later today so he could go on our morning walk with us! No rain either this morning it was nice to finally go walking since we hadn't been to the lake all week.

He does great on the walk. Ry gets ready for work and Landon and I play until naptime (9am). He naps great until almost 11am. I made him green beans for lunch - his ABSOLUTE FAV - he eats it like candy. (PS- I have to get lunch ready - rather every meal - ready ahead of time because I spend forever cutting his food up and he's done in 5 seconds after he shoves it in his mouth. Just can feel frustrating if you concentrate on cutting and it's all snatched up. Nice to have it cut ahead of time and then do other things simultaneously in the kitchen.) Totally thought he would love it. Not so much. Got him out of his crib, changed him... high chair - crying as soon as he saw the green beans. WTHeck I'm thinking - OH GREAT he's going to start being a picky whiny eater. ugh. I give him a few other things to try and see if he'll eat it. Nothing nada - only could get him to eat some yogurt. He practiced feeding himself with a spoon. I think that's the only reason he ate it - cause spoons are fun. Felt like a big boy! Did pretty well with that. After much coaxing I decide to quit..maybe he just wanted to play. Saved the green beans and got him ready to run errands with me.

Errands went fine - he was happy go lucky like always and waving and talking to people. We are checking out and I hear the grunting... that only means one thing. POOP. Remember...we're still in TARGET. Nobody notices - but me of course. Lucky us nothing is leaking outta the diaper and he's not grunting SO LOUD that we're embarrassed. Phew.

Leave Target - get home - straight to change him....ew. gross. If you have a weak stomach..stop reading here. TMI. Dinner from last night (zucchini...other veggies..) and breakfast from this morning (blueberries...). Is that possible?!?!! Barf in my mouth. Zucchini was a new thing for him to try - I put pepper on it and that made the diaper even more interesting. Spices are no good for him. Change him - basically wrestling a baby alligater to get it on. He's kicking - crying...lovely. Poop on his feet now etc. Meanwhile Moose is prancing around the house with a toy or shoes of Landon's - I dunno which, but getting him diapered is more crutial at the moment.

Finally - I realize there is NO WAY this is going to work - he isn't totally 'cleaned up' after about 7 wipes. I decide to do a bath. He loves baths. Of course! This will be a great- he can play and be happy and I can get him cleaned up better. Bathtime is over and he's all smiles. :) yay! Drying him off is another story. He's kicking/fighting me I try every trick. Giving him a toy, giving him the 'forbidden toy' that keeps his attention all of 2 seconds, singing, eventually making silly faces and sticking my tongue out gets his attention. Such a boy. Get him diapered and we start playing.

About 10 minutes into playing I realize... he's pooping again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder he didn't wanna eat lunch...his tummy hurt. Poor guy. I let him do his thing - chasing Moose, running around with his plastic golf clubs etc and when I'm for sure he's 'done' doing his biz I change him. Yup - barf in my mouth again. EEK!

Decide to just put a pj shirt on him and no pants because who knows how many MORE diaper changes there will be today. Yes I'm already ready for pjs and bedtime at this point ;)

It's nearing his 2pm nap and he's cranky. Everything is making him cry...he runs into the couch just a little - he crys, I ask him/make him leave the bathroom (he was just in with me while I was peeing) he cries, at one point he had the golf club and threw it on the floor. OH NO MISTER. You're tired - let's take a nap.

He fell asleep in 2 minutes.
Normally he plays and plays... not today.

PHEW - mama is tired.

I'll look back and laugh at this - I kinda already am now. I'm exhausted. But I love being home. I'll catch yall up on 4th of July and my decision to stay home. :) Had to get this day down first.

Ok no pics but I LOVE THIS COMMERCIAL. Makes me cry...

It's a wonderful life!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Sweet Summertime

Just some pics of what we've been up to...

Trying out popsicles - mean molars coming in.
Landon didn't want the popsicle at all! So I helped him out ;)

See - not interested.

Took a while to teach him how to hold the cup upright
so he could catch the water. But he was just content doing this!

Water table fun! Notice his cute tanlines? haha

Loves the dripping water. (even in the tub)

Loving the pool!

I bought him this tunnel... he was TERRIFIED of it for a while...

...then he finally got the courage up and..

crawled through!!! He loves it now.

So GQ!

Love this boy to bits! Hope you're having a great summer!

It's a wonderful life!