Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Building Cathedrals for God

Not sure if I've ever posted this video before
but it has a wonderful message I wanted to share.
God sees our sacrifice and what we are building and it makes him smile. :)
I am doing my best to build cathedrals for God.

It's a wonderful life!

Monday, August 27, 2012

15 months...


My big boy...

Weight: 26 lbs 1 oz.. 75% 
Height: 32 1/2 inches... 90% (tall guy!)
I'll be honest - I never pay attention to the head circumference stat - but I know he's fine and brain is growing great! ;) 

8 teeth (with a few molars trying to make an appearance)
3 favorite 'babies' (stuffed animal dog, moose, and hippo)

He smiles REAL big, laughs and clasps his hands together when we say grace before dinner and when he hears 'AMEN'. :) Warms my heart...

Nothing else is really significantly new - just amazing how he's understanding things we say to him, simple 'commands' ("follow mommy!" "come here please") still does sign language pretty consistently, copies words and sounds, gives soooooo much love and affection to Ryan and I (hugs and kisses). So.In.Love.


It's a wonderful life! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Miscellany Monday

miscellany monday at lowercase letters

1. Girls Weekend! :) This happens every 6 months and boy was I overdue for some girl time! These are Tx State college friends who I love dearly!!! Jamie (in the middle) hosted at her adorable house in Austin and it was such a great time. Even sweet little Mara came and she was just precious! Made me homesick for Landon, but he had some great daddy time. We had another cute pic from dinner at Vivos but I don't have a copy of it yet. Friday night we snacked, drank wine, and talked forever (past midnight is WAY past my bedtime). Saturday we had breakfast, coffee, lounged around, did a little workout by Kelly, stretches by Carissa and went out to eat for dinner. I headed home that night but the next day they celebrated Jamie's husband Caleb's 31st birthday! Can't wait for the next Girls Weekend!

2. C25K - Couch to 5K app! Proud to say I am on week 5 of 9! I've been walking the lake behind our house every morning since school got out (about 3 mi around) and I decided I need to pick up the pace and start jogging/running again! I did a lot of running before our wedding and it got me into shape and was a great way to get lost in thought (or prayers) and feel refreshed. This is an example of what shows up on the screen when you run. Each week you progress (slowly) to more running and less walking. It's been going great so far and very manageable! Landon always looks up at me when I start running - I think he likes going faster and feeling the wind in his hair. ;)

Photo: My little love!
My little love in his PJs on the lake
3. This beauty in the crown is getting married this weekend!!!!!!!!! Sorry the pic is so fuzzy! SO excited for her wedding/marriage to the love of her life. I'm sure I'll do another post of pictures from her wedding. It will be fabulous! :) I'm very honored to be a part of her special day. Love you Anna!

Thanks for stopping by!
It's a wonderful life!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Monkey see...Monkey do...

This was a video I took last night. I'm still laughing today...

Landon doing a lot of copy-cating lately. We try to get him to repeat words, names, numbers, animal sounds.... but a few days ago we went outside (with Moose) and he immediately got on the porch and started YELLING - GOOO GOO over and over. He was bending over, got his body all into it pointing at our dog and the yard etc. Then it occurred to me - this is what I must look like when I send the dog out! 

Moose is a sweet wild dog, but is still very much a puppy and gets into everything. He wants in, he wants out, he barks, he whines, he takes Landon's toys and chews on them, sits on the couch (that's a whole 'nother story) and he wants to sit in your lap but doesn't realized he's not a lap dog at 80 lbs! I guess I get so annoyed that I send him out and just yell GO. Oh boy - this was hilarious to us, but made me realize that he will copy what he sees (or what we say!) and I want/need to be a good example. :)

I love this kid. He cracks me up. Enjoy!

It's a wonderful life!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Random Thoughts/Updates...

Landon Update: (14 months)
*When we say "snack, eat, or hungry" he will sign 'eat' and RUN (I mean book-it!) to the high chair and pull it out from the corner in our kitchen. Too funny. I need to get it on video!

*He LOVES bubbles... trys to say bubbles but all that comes out is a whispered 'bup bup'. It's adorable. 

*Landon is officially doing one long nap. It's great! I was hesitant to give up the 2 naps because he's no fun when he doesn't get enough sleep...but for about a week and a half he was taking 2 crappy naps. He was either 'talking' or playing in his crib and not sleeping. Never crying so that was good. Then bedtime he would play in his crib until 9pm and wake up at 6am! No good. It's much much easier to plan around one nap instead of 2. I'm liking it much better and he's really READY for his nap and bedtime when they come. Less playing around. Takes about a 3 hr nap and sleeps 12 hrs at night! :)

*Proud mom/teacher moment*
*The other night before bed I said, "Landon do you want to pick out a book to read?" He stopped what he was doing, went to the book basket and picked out a book (just grabbed one)... then he came straight to me and sat in my lap read. AHHH melt my heart! My heart was smiling big time :) Ry saw me cry a little about it too! Just shows how much they do listen and pick up on what we're saying. :) He's so smart and loves books already.

*We survived and enjoyed our 'marathon month of weddings' aka July. :) Lots of traveling to Houston and Dallas, but LOTS of fun! Landon came to 2 of the 4 weddings - and did really well. He was a hit on the dance floor - need to post those pictures from my phone! I think he's a pretty tall boy so when other little kids see him walking around they automatically think he can talk and understand them...but he just stares at them blankly. We danced with the flower girls at one wedding and danced alone at another. Loved the music - didn't mind everyone staring, clapping, laughing or cheering at him. Takes after me I guess ;)
Blurry but you can tell he's dancing!

Did NOT know what to think of this little girl.. 
*We are practicing animal sounds - he's great at copying us. "Ruff Ruff" and he'll try. Pretty funny! We're working on family members names too - so special when he says your name! He's also blowing kisses and giving slobbery open mouth ones too! Working on keeping our mouth closed (tried that during swimming  - he drinks the water instead of keeping his mouth closed).

*Words he says: dada, mama, baby, doggie, hi, bye- bye, hot, bup (bubbles) I have another list somewhere - I think he says more than this. He signs a lot too which is helpful/great.

*The end of this month he will be 15 months and we'll have his well check up. Excited to see his growth and what the dr says! I'm sure I'll post about that when the time comes.

*Loving watching the Olympics!!!! Gymnastics and swim have been my favorite events to watch...and then again track is pretty awesome too. I have also been blown away by water polo - SO HARD! I thought they could stand but NO they're treading water. Same with synchronized swimming... it's very beautiful, amazing, athletic and weird at the same time!

Etsy Shop
I haven't really advertised this a lot - or make a BIG deal about it..but I started an Etsy Shop for *fun* the summer Landon was born (so about a yr ago). When I had random free time (what's free time?) I would put up stuff just to see what would happen. Well then I found you could pin things to pinterest from Etsy... yeah 2,000 hits the first day. Not a TON but I was shocked and how quickly it spread. I'll post the link here. I'm working on fun fall/halloweeny/christmas stuff! Keep you posted. Etsy Shop

LOVE being home. Best decision for our family. I know it's not for everybody, and some people do not really understand but it doesn't matter! This was a great book a friend recommended to me. Dr. Laura wrote it and her little tagline has always been "I am my kids mom". I am glad I did work his first year - even though it was extremely hard I learned from that time working and juggling wife, mom, teacher, etc. I can speak from both sides... working mom and stay at home mom. For me it's all I ever wanted to be [a mom] - and I am so thankful that dream has come true. Marry my best friend, start a life together and have a baby... God is good.

It's a wonderful life!

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Landon has the best uncles - Uncle AJ (my brother) and Uncle Evan (my BIL). 

Uncle AJ lives in Boston (attending Boston U.) but has come home for summertime! He came to visit us but you know he really came to visit Landon. ;) Adam was such a help and picked up a pool we had wanted to get Landon. Since it's about 100000 degrees outside we decided to blow it up inside. 

Trying for a kodak moment...

and he's gone...
Playing in the yard
Hmmm what's this?
Now how do I get in?
Let me handle the hose!
This is FUN
My fav bathing suit of his!
He loves being an uncle

When a baby is born... a mother and father are born, grandparents, and aunts and uncles are born. It's neat to see everyone in the family take on a new 'hat' or role once Landon came into our lives. Adam really loves being an uncle and it's fun to watch him interact, take care of and even 'teach' Landon some 'tricks'. I'm sure they'll turn into great buddies.

"Being an uncle is better than being a superhero."

It's a wonderful life!