Thursday, September 20, 2012

Already Sept 20th?!

Oh boy - we have some major catching up to do on here! 
I have quite a few videos and pictures that will help get us up to speed. 

I started playing around more with my Flip cam (that I've had for almost 4 years!) and discovered how to create a 'movie' with music! HELLO! Where have I been?

This first one is sweet :)
You can hear him 'mmmm' at Moose to kiss the picture too!

We have had lots of family and friends over to visit!!!
We love having visitors!!!

Gigi came to visit!
Landon loves reading books in Gigi's lap!


Holly came in town!
This girl is a traveling machine!!!!!!!!! She is always going somewhere fun and
we love that she chose to come to AUSTIN!!! Holly is also a concert queen and I am
learning from the best. We saw the Spazmatics (an awesome 80s cover band if you've never heard of them) and then Eric Church the next night at the Cedar Park Center. TOTAL BLAST! We both needed a 'girls weekend'. Holly is my cousin if you didn't know and one of my best friends!
Love her to pieces. Glad you came to visit Holl!

PS- Landon LOVES Holly. He RARELY (meaning never) lets anyone hold him let alone pick him up, but he had no problem going to her. It was awesome to see (and such a help to me!)

Gumpa Dave and Uncle Evan came to visit!

SUCH a ham!
He gave Gumpa a lot of High 5's!


Kind of crazy - we all were watching Landon play with his 'doggie' (he's such great free entertainment) and he KNEW every song and the arm motions. He couldn't sing it of course but he would sway back and forth to the beat and did all the clapping and hands up and down that it said to do. HE'S A GENIUS! ;)

We had more visitors this month and I'll put it on another post!

It's a wonderful life!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Go Texans!!!

What a difference (about) a year makes! 

Landon on the left - 7 months
Landon on the right - 15 months
Daddy is so proud of his little boy!

LOVE FALL! Football, family and friends!
(and pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween, candy corn, pumpkin patches etc.) ;)

It's a wonderful life!

Friday, September 7, 2012


Unstoppable - that is the best word to describe my 15 month old busy boy. He is daring, fearless, busy busy busy and of course darling to me. ;)

Decided to grab my camera and snap a few pics of him doing the things
I continue to tell him not to do... 

Just his cute little self all up close and personal...
Sorry - just another cute one
Nothing "bad" here - but he's contemplating standing on his sofa chair!

 Ok here are the 'naughty' pics...
He LOVES to turn the TV off and change the channels
 I keep the TV off most of the day... just when Ry gets home we'll turn it on...
and this is what he does!

And his face right after he did it.. oh boy! 
Pulls out ALL the dvds - he's looking at baby einstein here.
I need to get smarter and NOT put things on his 'level'.
Pulls out the drawer/cabinet and grabs bowls and measuring cups..
Whiny face
"But mommmmm pleeeeeeeaseee"
Mad Face
"Are you crazy? You're talkin' to me?!"

Last but NOT least - gets behind the curtain and PULLS.
He really likes to hide behind it and see if we can find him.
Scares me that he'll pull the rod outta the wall! 
Seriously took all of these in a matter of 30 minutes or less. Yes he was shirtless (playing with the water table got wet/messy) and I guess the curtain pic was taken another day. He is such a hoot! Sometimes makes me crazy! I don't want to be the mom saying 'no no no' all day - it's annoying!!! 

My teacher self is saying 'clearly 'no' is not something else' - kinda how I would feel in the classroom...I would redirect behavior and then if it continued would need some sort of action to get them to stop/cooperate. Makes me think of time-out or being moved from your classmates to a new spot in the room or if it continues for too long call mom. WAIT - I'm the mom here. I know some of this behavior is his age - curious and testing the limits but he's gotta have boundaries and know 'if I make this choice...then  ____ will happen'. Hard to know what is age appropriate for him - I got 7/8 yr olds down... 
just not my own 15 month old. Yet.

Hope you get a kick out of these pics!

It's an unstoppable wonderful life!