Tuesday, October 16, 2012

16 months

Stopped by a small church pumpkin patch in town and caught a few pics of the little big guy!

16 months and 2 weeks to be exact!

Apple? Apple?

Climbing on any and everything!

I love this with the old barns in the background...
So strong - you really surprise me sometimes!

Barely snapped this picture in time! It was so perfect!

And he's off! ... 5 seconds later he threw this little pumpkin in the trashcan. Silly kiddo!
Landon is starting to name things we point to - and he kept saying 'abbles abbles (apples)' when we saw the pumpkins. It was too funny. He's going to be a cowboy for Halloween! I think he will be so cute! 

Landon loves to give kisses! On the mouth and all the time now. It's really sweet. He is 'talking' SO much these days. Jibber jabber some moments...and then sometimes I think I can figure out what he's trying to say. Still using sign language a lot and that makes everyone a lot less frustrated. ;)

Running, climbing, sliding (LOVES slides now) and swinging of course. He's a daredevil still and tries to give his mom a heart attack every chance he gets (just kidding). He loves being outside no matter the weather - we have found some awesome parks and gone to them so much since it's somewhat cooled off here. 

Starting to become a picky eater - lets us know immediately if he doesn't want to eat something. He'll whine or start throwing food on the floor. Moose is the best vacuum cleaner ever. If you have kids that are messy - get a dog. ;) L loves snacking - so we give his fruit or crackers. He would love to eat goldfish all day but of course we don't let him.

Still loves his crib and sleeps like a champ! We are so lucky! Lately he's started getting cranky around nap or bedtime and I'll ask..."You ready for bed?" and he'll walk or run to his crib and grab onto it and wait for me to put him in. IT'S AWESOME! :) He just lets us know when he's ready to sleep. 

We had his first dentist appointment and it went well! Of course there was a little stranger anxiety and nervousness with the dentist and her tools in his mouth, but she was quick and I just loved her and her office. Great place! Hopefully we'll continue to have healthy teeth and gums and good experiences there. :) I loved the dentist but HATED the doctor's office as a kid. 

16 - almost 17 months of joy this boy has brought us. We love you pumpkin!!!

It's a wonderful life!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Last Year...

Last year we took a trip to my parent's house and went to this AMAZING pumpkin farm/festival in Flower Mound. TONS of pumpkins and kid friendly things to do. I loved taking Landon to the pumpkin patch and of course we had perfect family photo opportunities!

Just reminiscing and found these pictures. I learned how to make a photo collage from this website. Give it a whirl! It's fun! 

Wish we could go back to that pumpkin patch again this year, but it looks like we'll be trying out another 'farm' out here. Elgin Christmas Tree Farm does a pumpkin patch and it has hayrides, corn mazes and other kiddie things to do. I'm sure Landon will be just fine running around outside and looking at all the pumpkins. Oh to be a kid again. ;)

It's a wonderful life!

Saturday, October 6, 2012


A few months ago I traded... 

these chairs
(yes this is a picture of my 'old' classroom - my 1st year)

for these

and one of these

these too

 and lots of books and toys...

and I'd never trade it for anything.

No fancy title, no paycheck - but lots of JOY!
I do think 'Mom' is an important 'title' to have and 'job' to do well.
And I get paid in lots of love, giggles, hugs and kisses. :)

Landon - 16 months
The world might say otherwise, that this isn't enough - that I should do more... but I know better. I know that making little disciples for Jesus is the greatest calling in life and I'm so thankful I get to do that in our home. :) Little moments with Landon throughout the day - a new discovery, a look, a laugh, a milestone, a fear conquered, a new food, a hug, a smile, reading a new book over and over - these moments are worth far more than gold. 

It's a wonderful life!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Felderhoff's came in town!

Mel and Eric came in town to visit!
Eric had recruiting up at a UT job fair so Melissa brought Kynlee along and the 4 of us got to play! :)
Kynlee Rae Felderhoff 

Love this pic!

Landon was teaching her how to use this toy.

**Mel and I were standing right here...Kynlee was perfectly safe.**
Just had to snap a picture of these two eating a snack!  

Play time!
"Check out my muscles Kyn" ;)

Love this face! Looks like her mama!

Cutie patootie!!!!

Of course no pictures of the moms or dads. The kids are just too cute!

It's a wonderful life!