Monday, December 30, 2013


My brother in law Evan helped me download ALL the videos we had from my Flip Mino camera. OH MY WORD. I was so thankful to finally have them saved on the computer and could not believe how much both boys have changed. The videos go back to Landon at about a month old. 

Here are a few of sweet Keegan... wow... and he's almost 6 months old.

He had a fabulous first Christmas and saw all the grandparents and Aunt and Uncles. So much fun! Picture to come!

It's a wonderful life!

PS- Hope you had a very Merry Christmas with your loved ones. I LOVE this time of year and yes I did watch It's a Wonderful Life about 3 times in the past two weeks. :) That movie title did inspire this blog's title. 

PSS- Just realized.... I've had this blog for 4 YEARS! Woah! Started in Dec 2009. - 6 months before we got married. And here we are... married 3 1/2 yrs... and have 2 boys... life is full, busy, crazy, messy, fun, blessed.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Message from K

 Hey's me Keegan! 

I think it's way more excited to hear from me instead of I'm taking over the blog today. Definitely keeping mom on her toes because I'm just changing so much! Every week it's something new. I know - I'm pretty awesome. ;)

Here I am practicing sitting up! It's amazing the view from up here. My head is very heavy so at times I can't control it and I fall to one side or the other. It's ok... I'm tough and I like rolling around on my back or tummy. 

Check out my jumper! It's so awesome! I finally figured out how to use my feet and legs to jump in this thing. It's so fun. I love the lights and the music that goes off when I jump a lot. I have happy feet. At first I didn't know how to play with all the toys on here but big brother showed me and now I got it down.

So I'm trying rice cereal and at first I hated it - YUCK! Who wants to eat THAT?!?! But I'm getting the hang of that funny spoon thing that mom and dad use to feed me and I'm getting better at eating. Sometimes mom is pretty slow at getting more cereal in my mouth and I get SO mad....I fuss really hard until she feeds me more. Sheesh. I'm a hungry growing boy! Can't wait til I can feed myself (neither can mom ;) - kidding) 

Here is my awesome family on Thanksgiving. Aren't we cute? Brother's giggling and screaming kinda scared me along with that dang flash on the camera. That's why I'm so serious...but don't worry I LOVE to smile. 

See! I'm such a happy boy. Mom and Nonna were making me laugh so hard here! I'm a whole 5 months now!

I'm pretty big stuff. Just about 20 lbs. Woah! Mom says she gets a great arm work out from holding me. I'm in size 3 diapers and 9 month clothes! Craziness...I know.

I'm really loving life and think it's pretty awesome here. Thanks for taking the time to read! I'll write again soon!

Love- Keegan

It's a wonderful life!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble...

Trying to get better about posting more frequently. Call me crazy... but I'm busy. Real busy with these two little rugrats that have stolen my heart. Here are some pics from Thanksgiving this year!

We stayed in Pflugerville with the boys and my mother-in-law Kathy, her boyfriend Bill and brother-in-law Evan came! 

 Not posting pics of the turkey (which was smoked and amazing by the way) I didn't even take pictures of it... I'm posting this awesome chocolate peanut butter pie. This was devoured. Yes those are Reeses minis on top. YUM.

 Landon didn't want to eat anything but a roll... 

"Mashed potatoes?"
"No mashed potatoes."
"No turkey."

He's really good at the word 'no'.

 Gigi and the boys!

Family photo! Keegan is not impressed.

 Uncle Evan and Landon. Evan was such a good sport humoring Landon with every train request he had along with drawings of trains. I need to take lessons from him - he's an amazing artist!

It's a very wonderful life!

Friday, November 15, 2013

4 months!

Keegan is such a happy baby!

He can officially roll front to back and back to front!

We are practicing sitting up but he definitely hasn't mastered that yet.

Sleeping really well at night (just waking up once). Still have a few nights of waking a few times and Ryan and I will tag team - usually goes right back to sleep. I'm the one who can't get back to sleep after waking up! Oh well - this too shall pass...

Drooling and chomping on his hands like crazy! Teething... so much fun. :-P

His hair is growing back in! He has one main patch down the center of the top of his head. 

SO ticklish. LOVE THIS. Get the best belly laughs out of him. I've got to get it on video and record his adorable laugh. Landon (below) like to tickle him... toes or cheeks. It's so cute when Landon really tries to play with him. 

Keegan just got over his first ear infection (yuck!) and croup. Landon didn't ever really get croup so that was new for us and ear infection never happened until 18 months! He's too young for this! :-/ We have his 4 month check on Monday - so we'll get all his current stats and see what our pedi thinks! 

Love you pumpkin!

It's a wonderful life!

Halloween - way behind!

Here's a huge photo bomb of Halloween!

We never got our act together to get the boys to a pumpkin patch to get pictures or a pumpkin. So I ran them to HEB and we picked one out. Landon LOVED picking his pumpkin out and Ryan came home from work early to help carve it! 

Love this little lion and this costume!!! 

Can you tell this was accidentally put on backwards? Silly Daddy - andddd can you see the tail ended up in the front ? I had to pull it under his leg and toward the back to snap a quick pic. Ry refused to flip the costume back around and I felt like it would be too much work too so we didn't. haha

"My punkin punkin."

"Trick or Treat!!!!"

Its a wonderful life!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

3 months!

Our WiLd little man is 3 months old! So much personality coming outta this little boy! He's 'talking' like crazy! Gives lots of giggles and smiles.

I know this will bore some of you but I'm really typing/documenting this more for me. ;) As Keegan started getting closer to 3 months I figured we should try to get some sort of 'schedule' or routine down. I function better with a schedule and I know Landon does too ...however babies wanna do their own thing. Hehe It was tricky but we're getting it down! Keegan goes about 3 hours between feedings so a typical day would be:

3am or 4am-ish - feeding (stretched from 8pm - yay baby boy!)
7am - feeding
8am - already tired again and wants a short nap
10am - feeding
11:30 or 12ish - nap
1pm - feeding
2ish - nap
4pm - feeding
then usually up to play until 7:30 or 8 and ready for bed! He gets verrrry fussy and is just 'done'.
Last feeding is usually 7ish. 

Keegan rolled over just a few days ago! 

Sweet boy getting strong! ... He's really losing his hair!
Landon was proud of Keegan! and of course needed to pose with him. :)

These next pics are random in the mix of this but I wanted to post them!
Godfather/Uncle AJ! (at dad's retirement flight!)
Godmother/Aunt Jenn! Love this pic!

Really good friends of mine from college - Jamie and her hubby Caleb had their baby boy Chance exactly 2 wks after we had Keegan. It's so great to talk with her about how he's doing and what's going on in these early weeks/months. :) Definitely reassuring! Here they are playin!

 Can you say chunks!?!
"Chance...this tummy time is wearing me out."

I laugh when I look at these pics cause it takes me back to Jamie and I on the floor just SQUEALING at the boys to get them to look up. We were laughing so hard at them trying to get their heads up and turn their faces toward the loud noises (us). It was just so funny!

More updates to come!

It's a wonderful life!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Big Brother

I realize as I keep writing about updates with Keegan that I haven't really shared all the new 'things' going on with Landon!

He is a little over two (28 months) and non-stop! Still learning his big brother role, but he loves to lay down and 'play' with Keegan. Getting more and more into reading which makes my little teacher heart so happy. The favorites are Little Blue Truck, I Love You, Stinky Face, and Look and Find Thomas (finding pictures in different scenes with Thomas the Train - of course). A new routine at night has been after getting into pjs and brushing teeth he gets to read a book with daddy and then a book with me. You should've seen the look on Landon's face one night when I went into his room empty handed (aka- not carrying Keegan) and ready to read and just be his. Sort of broke my heart a little but also made me happy that this new addition to his bedtime routine is something he loves and looks forward to.

Landon is such a parrot and copying everything we say. He really loves singing songs and it's so cute when he's singing and we join him. He gets all excited we know what he's saying. L sings Thomas songs from the show and Daniel Tiger. 

I actually really love this show - spin off Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. Lots of great songs
that reinforce things that need to be done at home or with friends. Love Daniel Tiger!
He loves being 'FAST!" and enjoys being a super hero. He'll grab any blanket and ask me to put his cape on. So cute! I posted a cute video on instagram of him zooming around the house. I think we've figured out what we'll be for Halloween early this year. ;)

Off he goes!

It's a wonderful life!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

2 Months!

Oh my smiling little sweetie!!! Happy 2 months!

Keegan has grown a ton! 15lb 2oz and 24 inches long. (The EXACT same stats as Landon at this age...crazy! Twinkies!) and Keegan is also cooing, smiling and talking a lot. I LOVE THAT! He's recognizing and reacting to faces. Just so fun and I can't wait to experience more of his firsts with him! He's starting to get better at holding his neck up during tummy time and he can bat at the toys above his head in the rocker/bouncer. So AMAZING how quickly they learn and change this young! 

This was such a special moment that happened this month. Ryan asked Landon if he wanted to hold baby brother... "Mommy...daddy...hold brudder?" (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)) And he did! It.was.precious. A moment that really helped this mama's heart. I was feeling so sad that Landon's little self wasn't coping well with baby brother here, but he's really understanding they both have to 'share' mommy now. I definitely capitalize on time with Landon while Keegan sleeps and vice versa. During the day when they both are needing something at the same time... I'll tell Landon he needs to wait and help Keegan or I'll tell Keegan out loud he has to wait while I help Landon. I think that REALLY helped Landon see they both have to wait sometimes.

Just love these two baby boys and their daddy with all my heart!

More pictures to come from Dad's retirement/Final Flight!

It's a wonderful life!