Saturday, January 19, 2013

Technical Difficulties :(

SO much has happened since the last post and I cannot wait to update with pictures!
However - my laptop has refused to turn on AT ALL. Weird right?! A trip to geek squad is in my very near future. I left it alone for about week or so (I'm on Ryan's laptop right now) thinking I could get it to come on after it 'rested' a while.... but now I think it really needs some medical attention. ;)

Stay Tuned!!!! ....

It's a wonderful life!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Nineteen Months

I feel like each month just keeps flying by!!! *tear* Nothing MONUMENTAL has changed or happened. Still kinda the same ol' same ol' like from last month update.

Having some Christmas Treats!

He is starting to test limits more but that's no surprise. Trying to see who's boss and what he can get away with. It's funny cause if I say no... he'll run to Ryan and see if dad will say no. We definitely stay on the same page about things so he's figuring out quickly - mom and dad are united and won't budge. It's a lot of training the adults too though- haha. When I hear 'no' come out of my mouth I don't back down. Sounds mean but it's not - it's love and it just keeps things consistent.

One big thing is we got rid of the paci a week ago! Pedi told us at 15 months to get rid of it by 18 months. Here's the thing - he NEVER used it during the day or just walking around the house/park etc. ONLY in the crib at nap and bedtime. So I think we did ourselves a big favor by refusing to only use it during those two times - occasionally on a long car ride too.

He's doing SO well - I did not expect it to go this smoothly. The biggest tip or suggestions from many veteran moms and our pedi was to cut the tip so it doesn't seem to 'work' anymore. I was scared if we just told him he was a big boy and needed to throw it away etc. that he wouldn't buy into it and just run to the trash can asking for it back! So we did the cut trick - and we watched on the monitor. He tried both that were in there and you could tell he was going back and forth between both pacis and was so confused why they wouldn't work. He eventually quit playing and threw them outta the crib (YAY!) and didn't use them ever again. Nap and bedtime went well for a few days - like he slept pretty much the same, however now he's crying when we put him down. I think it's a mix of getting used to no more paci (now he realizes it's for real..not coming back) and separation anxiety. He's kinda clingy to Ryan and I- esp with people he doesn't see all the time - and he just grabs our clothes so hard right when we're trying to put him down. It'll get better. I know it will. Almost hit one week of no paci - so I think he'll be better about going down very soon! 

I take that back - there is one VERY MONUMENTAL thing that has happened...actually this morning.

Me: "Landon...I love you! Say love you!"

Landon: "Wove you!"

Yes I know he's a parrot and copying - but STILL music to my ears. Can't wait to hear 'I love you' from him on his own. I might cry ...well I kinda already am. :)

It's a wonderful life!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas with the Corls- Part 2

Christmas morning is so magical now that we have our little guy. He's starting to understand little things (ripping paper, finding something exciting under it..haha) and it's just so fun to see his face light up and get all excited. I can't wait for more family traditions and get deep into the real meaning of Christmas and the excitement of the morning.

Here are pictures of our morning!

Little boy in his pajamas... don't remember what the crying was about!?
Beautiful tree!
Love how my camera made it look so pretty with no flash!
Playing with Elmo before we opened presents
Cat in the Hat was on.. presents were taller than him! 
The gifts didn't really phase him... 
Daddy helping him open! 
Immediately he says, "Car! Car! CAR!"
SO excited! We all were excited to see him open this gift!
Santa 101 - build EVERY gift before that morning. We had NO idea it had so many parts to put together.
Not as easy as we thought! 
Gigi opening a gift with L
Landon just COULDN'T wait...
Such a great daddy....
Yay! Beep Beep!

Back view - took it outside before the storm!
Trying to pedal.. 

FAV pic! Smiling and hair blowing in the wind ;)
"Bye! Bye!"
Christmas Eve with hubby :) 
Ry and I actually got to enjoy Christmas Eve mass alone. Mass has been so tough with our busy little guy but we feel he should be there! Over the holiday the best time that would work with all the family festivities ended up being 8pm and Landon is usually asleep by then! Uncle Evan decided to babysit - easiest job ever with him asleep in bed! - so Ryan and I could go enjoy mass. THANKS EVAN! They had caroling before mass started and while people were piling in to get seats. It was such a beautiful church and mass to celebrate the reason for the season. 

So much to be thankful for this time of year!!! 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

It's a wonderful life!