Sunday, February 24, 2013

Halfway! 20 wks

Hey baby boy! You're OUT there!

This baby is all forward like Landon was...I feel like he looks so big already! Gulp!
Mama needs a tan too ;)
 How far along?
20 wks... halfway? Seriously? Don't believe it!

How big is the baby?
He measured 11 oz at our anatomy scan appt (but that was 19wks and 2days old...) And according to he is the length of a banana.

Weight Gain?
3lbs - yay! This time last pregnancy I had already gained 15 lbs... sheesh! Definitely owe Landon big time for keeping me busy ;) I'm just being smart and not eating everything in sight! Being home helps me control this too cause if it's not at home I don't get to eat it! No more treats at school.
I can usually get to sleep ok, but it's the middle of the night potty trip that wakes me up and keeps me up. Then I have random baby thoughts and can't get my brain to shut off and go to sleep! I'm still comfortable sleeping which is great - so no complaints!

Best Moment of the Week?
Well definitely the anatomy appointment and seeing our little healthy guy! He's already stolen our hearts!

Food cravings?
Kinda wanting sweets more lately but I think it's cause it was just Valentine's day. ha! Smoothies and Salads have been my favorite - 'go to' for lunches. yum!

More frequent than before - just about everyday now I feel a little poke here and there. He's not THAT big yet so he's not super strong with those baby kicks.

What I miss?
Not being congested 24/7. Partially it's allergies and partially it's pregnancy. Just another lovely symptom. All for you baby!
Belly Button?
All out...womp womp. Last pregnancy I tried to use a bandaid or tape to keep it in - haha.
Don't do that. Just learning to embrace the growing belly again.

Looking forward to?
 Decorating the guest room into a baby boy room! Yay! I have Pinterest to look at this time around...BUT that becomes so overwhelming and makes you want to do so many crazy, cool, cute things! Going to keep it simple.
Possibly have a name... and workin' on nursery color scheme ideas. No theme - just a color scheme.

It's a wonderful life!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Breakfast Friends...

Landon has ALWAYS loved his dog that he calls 'baby' or 'doggie'. Hippo has been here since the beginning, but he's recently come to love him (or her?) SO much. These two are carried out of his crib every morning and he puts them on the table while he has breakfast.
Bed it...

Too early for pics mom.
Landon has even insisted on 'feeding' Hippo (has not been named yet...) in his high chair random times during the day. I give him a spoon and bowl and he really reaches over the tray to feed Hippo. HILARIOUS - he's pretending and I love seeing that! Good practice before little brother gets here and he wants to 'help'. ;)
It's a wonderful life!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

We're having a...

Photo: Another sweet beautiful boy!!! SO excited!
Ryan and I are THRILLED! Here are a few pictures from our appointment...
He was quite the wiggler in there - very active which I love hearing. :)
Sweet baby's profile

You can see his leg bone in the middle/bottom part of the picture...find the arrow
 definitely a boy!
Not being modest at all!
Great picture of his foot
 The ultrasound tech remembered us from our first appointment and said...
"Yall have a boy already right?"
"Yeah - he's almost 2."
"Awesome...ok..(still looking around) well it looks like... - yep definitely a boy! No doubt about it."
"Ahh - a little brother!" *tears*
I started tearing up and Ryan was pretty excited for another boy (and so was I!!!). While we were waiting for the tech to come in for our appointment Ry said he really felt like it was a girl and I was still really feeling like it's a boy. My hunch has been right both times! I kinda went back and forth a little (due to crazy pregnancy dreams that seem SO real) but leaning more toward boy. Pregnancies have been very similar but I hear that doesn't matter. Baby had a strong heartbeat of 134 (last time was 188) it's in the normal range for his 'age'.
I get emotional thinking about Landon being a big brother...having a little brother to grow up with, play with, learn with, teach and live this wonderful thing called life together. However, I can imagine the sibling rivalries and fights (no way... my boys won't fight.) but also being best friends and partners in crime. It just hit me... my boys. Oh the fun to be had! I see Lego Land and Thomas the Train trips in our future. :)
No name set in stone for sure yet. I need a little time to feel things out because it's what I'll call him forever! Feels like such a big decision at times. Ry has a name in mind and I think is pretty set on it. We'll see. ;)
It's a wonderful life!
PS- A lot of people ask... Is Landon excited? Did you tell him? How did he react?
He really has no idea what's going on. His little 20 month old self just loved the attention and the blue balloons. Maybe once my tummy grows a bit more he'll take notice ;) He really is in his own world and doesn't understand he's getting a sibling, but come July he will! What a fun and busy summer ahead!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

"Quack, Quacks.."

Oh the lake...
I love that we have a lake right behind our neighborhood. It has a 3 mile trail around it and it's beautiful. This past summer (after I resigned from teaching) Landon and I would eat breakfast and come out to the lake for a walk (or jog or run some days). It was one of my FAVORITE things to do with him over the summer. Our little morning ritual.
Here are pictures of our trip to go feed the ducks :)

He was waddling and calling them 'quack quacks' :)

Guess what he saw.... an airplane! He's slightly obsessed. Papa Joe is proud ;)
No words for this next picture...
Pure joy. :)
It's a wonderful life!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

16 wks!

16 wks! Feeling GREAT at this point! 2nd trimester is so nice to me. :) Energy is back, nausea gone, and appetite slowly starting to come back. Starting to get my workout on again. Have GOT to stay active. I feel SO much better and know it's healthy for baby and me! Maybe it'll help labor/delivery be a bit easier?! *fingers crossed*
Didn't realize I cut off the chalkboard writing... way to go preggo!
"Ready to feel baby corl move" is what that last part says!

I used these questions before to help me stay focused when typing... so here it goes... 

How far along? 16 wks.. time is flyyyyying this time around. Busy with Landon!
How big is the baby? Avocado - more on the chalkboard
Weight Gain? I'm actually under pre-pregnant weight which is the opposite of how I was last time. Got an AWFUL stomach bug beginning of December and I lost 3 lbs in just a few days. I'm -7 lbs at this point.
Stretch Marks? Nope
Sleep? I'm still pretty comfortable sleeping which I know won't last for long, but waking up a lot to go to the bathroom. I know it's conditioning me for those up all nights w/baby.
Best Moment of the Week? Hmm ... I dunno - probably being able to talk about baby finally! We didn't really announce to the 'world' until 13ish weeks.
Food cravings? Pickles... NEVER craved these before. So yea - just wanting to drink lots of water, eat pickles and occasionally some sweets. Really doing my best to not give into every little craving I had (like last time) ... so I pretty much eat like I was before baby, and have random cravings for things. Wanted orange soda one day - SO WEIRD. Never ever drink that normally.
Movement? Felt a few jabs here and there but nothing consistent. Trying not to worry about it. They say btwn 18-20ish wks is when most women feel it. 2nd time moms feel it sooner just cause they know what they're feeling. Sometimes I think I do and sometimes I don't. 
What I miss? Umm... maybe having normal dreams or none at all. I'm having the weirdest craziest dreams ever. Did have one dream it was a boy and then another where it was our anatomy scan appt and they said it's a girl! Who knows. I had a dream we didn't get to the hospital on time and had the baby in the parking lot with nurses out there to help. Holy Moly! That better not be what's to come in my futureeee - scary!
Belly Button? Half out - half in... I know weird.
Looking forward to? 20 wk appointment!!! I'm currently 18 wks (just updating cause I'm behind) AND in just 8 days we will know how baby is doing in there and if it's a boy or girl!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait.
Milestone? Uhh... haven't done much yet. Haven't shopped, planned, cleared the guest bedroom for a nursery etc. Funny how last time around we're so busy with getting things ready and right now we're busy with keeping up with Landon.
Elmo likes to Rock and Roll!!!! Hear this song over and overrrrr....
Here's a cute pic of my favorite boys. Rock N Roll Elmo is the newest toy obsession in the house right now. Thought this was cute. Ry laid down and Landon copied him. Wants to be like his daddy!
No pic of sweet boys face... He is currently in 24 month clothes and growingggg. Can never seem to keep him in clothes very long. 6 1/2 shoe size. Went up a full shoe size in 6 months. Sheesh. I'm mainly writing this so I'll remember someday when I want to know this random information. Still waiting on his last few teeth/molars to come in. They're not very nice. Awesome at using silverware now and doing puzzles! More fun to come!
It's a wonderful life!

12 wks!

Ok.. I have to stay in chronological order so let me start with our 8 wk appointment.
Mom actually came in town to do some Christmas shopping with me (this was Nov 30th/Dec 1st) - I needed a chance out of the house without the little guy to get it done! It was a much needed mommy break and fun day with my mom. :) We went to lunch and shopped and accomplished a lot!
Anyway - the day before our shopping trip was our 8wk appt. I was really hoping mom could come to the appointment too, but she stayed at our house to watch Landon so Ryan and I could go together. We really appreciated her help! (He's coming to the next appt so we'll see how THAT goes!)
So anxious and excited. Just hoping everything looked good! Ultrasound tech found one baby (phew!) and a strong heartbeat at 188 bpm! Landon's 8wk appt he was 170. I know there are wives tales about gender with the heart rate but I don't know if I believe it.
I can't really scan the photo cause it wasn't a great one. We got an awesome 'first pic' of Landon at 8wks but this baby's pic came out super dark. Oh well!
Symptoms are the same as last pregnancy... nausea but mild, no appetite, SUPER tired. Only difference at this point was HORRIBLE headaches. No fun..but it's all worth it. ;)
Fast Forward 4 wks..
Here's the monthly pic.
Sorry so blurry! iPhone pic!
Baby already starting to make a little appearance. (tigher shirt than I normally wear though) Still in my own jeans here. I didn't really show show until about 20 wks with Landon so this came as a shock to me. I knew it was supposed to happen sooner though - crazy how your body just 'knows' what's goin on.
12 wks came the week of Christmas - what a gift!!!!!
It's a wonderful life!

Only Child Club - Membership expires....

We wanted to tell family in person this time around. Being in Austin and both sides in either Houston or Dallas... one family would've found out before the other if we traveled - didn't feel fair and it was just too hard to not let them know early on.
THIS YEAR - We stayed with my parents for Thanksgiving and just so happened that Kathy and Evan (Ry's mom and brother) were in Dallas for Thanksgiving with her mom, brother and sister. PERFECT opportunity to share the news.
You can see pics below of Landon's shirt. Ordered it of Etsy at The Pecking Order.
Silly pink snack cup...
 When we got to my parents house only my mom was home. We thought FOR SURE she'd see the shirt on him... but nope didn't noticed. She had lunch ready for him and as she got him in the high chair I said, "Hey isn't his new shirt cute?" She said "Oh yeah that's cute." Clearly didn't see it/read it. Ry and I start laughing and she goes "What? Ok lemme read it again.."
"I don't get it... oh wait....YOU ARE?!?! AHHHH!!!!"
So so excited... hugs all around.
Dad came home... gave Landon a big hug. "Hey like his shirt?!"
Read it real quick and his eyes got SO BIG. "Really?!?!? CONGRATS!!! That's wonderful!"
Then we let Auntie Jenn know when she got home from work and then Skyped with Uncle AJ with the news. They both were so excited. It's been fun seeing them as an Aunt and Uncle.
Sweet boy in his adorable shirt!
 When we went to see Kathy and the rest of the family at her brother's house she was the first to hug and hold Landon. Ryan prompted her to read the shirt. "Wait what does that mean?" (It really is a confusing shirt to figure out unless you're really thinking about it...)
Ry: "He's not going to be an only child for much longer..."
"NO WAY!!!! AHHHH!!! Yay! Congrats"
She ran in and told the family. Everyone was so sweet and excited for us. I had my first appointment the next week so I was almost 8 wks along. Definitely having those not-so-fun but reassuring symptoms so we felt good about telling.
We later tried to skype with Ryan's dad and Linda, howeverrrr, Landon wasn't cooperating and neither was technology. We ended up emailing them pictures and they were SO thrilled.

Such a fun time!
It's a wonderful life!

Landon's going to be a Big Brother!


This post comes WAY late! Finally got my old (and very dead *tear*) laptop 'backed up' onto an external hard drive and laid it to rest. NOW I can post pictures and keep this blog up to date!!!
Most likely you are a family member, friend, facebook friend etc and already know this buuuuuttttt....
*drum roll please ;) *
Landon's going to be a Big Brother in July!!!
We are SO excited for this new addition to the family! Ryan and I knew we wanted them around 2ish years apart and Landon will turn 2 end of May (what?!?!) and this baby is due July 7th, 2013.
Funny how you 'plan' but God has other ideas in mind and they're way better than anything you could come up with yourself. We thought we'd try for another baby early Spring and L would be closer to 2 1/2 years old... Then we changed our minds and said January and then we changed our minds again.
I found out the weekend before Halloween that there was indeed a bun in the oven! I had been hoping and praying and praying and hoping for another baby and we were blessed! I had been ready for quite a while and was waiting for Hubs to feel more ready for another little one. Last time I found out about baby (Landon)... my reaction was more scared and fearful that I wasn't ready for the job ahead of me. God definitely 'doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called.' ANYWAY - I told Ryan about baby when he got home from work and was crying and I wanted a more exciting way to tell him this time around.
Had this idea of getting pink and blue jelly beans and saying 'I'm spilling the beans'... have him figure it out. ;) BUT Halloween time at Target had all sorts of candy so I just went with blue and pink colored whatever candy I could find.
Bag the candy was in...
The test - faint line but for sure there.

 It was a Friday and once we had put Landon to bed and Ryan went to put his glasses on so I grabbed the bag and put it on his seat on the couch.
He comes back... "What's this?!"
"Ummm I dunno read the bag... look inside..."
(Test was hidden in the bottom of the bag by the way...)
He saw the candy and goes "Uhhh..." (??? look on his face)
"Dig down in the bag..."
(Finds the test)
"You are?!?! Wait you know the gender??? Oh wait... pink AND blue."
Hugs and Kisses :)
"Wait Sara - there's no 2nd pink line..."
"YES THERE IS! Look again...don't freak me out like that!"
"Oh there is... oh my gosh! When are you due...."
And we went on talking the rest of the night. It still didn't feel real at this point... no major symptoms yet etc. But we could not believe we were going to be parents of not 1 but 2 kiddos!
I don't plan on doing weekly belly update -definitely don't have time to do that. ha So monthly is close enough. It's been fun/interesting to compare this pregnancy from last.

Oh PS - Favorite line of the night from Ryan:

"If you think I'm eating that're crazy. You peed on that stick!"
It's a wonderful life!