Thursday, October 17, 2013

3 months!

Our WiLd little man is 3 months old! So much personality coming outta this little boy! He's 'talking' like crazy! Gives lots of giggles and smiles.

I know this will bore some of you but I'm really typing/documenting this more for me. ;) As Keegan started getting closer to 3 months I figured we should try to get some sort of 'schedule' or routine down. I function better with a schedule and I know Landon does too ...however babies wanna do their own thing. Hehe It was tricky but we're getting it down! Keegan goes about 3 hours between feedings so a typical day would be:

3am or 4am-ish - feeding (stretched from 8pm - yay baby boy!)
7am - feeding
8am - already tired again and wants a short nap
10am - feeding
11:30 or 12ish - nap
1pm - feeding
2ish - nap
4pm - feeding
then usually up to play until 7:30 or 8 and ready for bed! He gets verrrry fussy and is just 'done'.
Last feeding is usually 7ish. 

Keegan rolled over just a few days ago! 

Sweet boy getting strong! ... He's really losing his hair!
Landon was proud of Keegan! and of course needed to pose with him. :)

These next pics are random in the mix of this but I wanted to post them!
Godfather/Uncle AJ! (at dad's retirement flight!)
Godmother/Aunt Jenn! Love this pic!

Really good friends of mine from college - Jamie and her hubby Caleb had their baby boy Chance exactly 2 wks after we had Keegan. It's so great to talk with her about how he's doing and what's going on in these early weeks/months. :) Definitely reassuring! Here they are playin!

 Can you say chunks!?!
"Chance...this tummy time is wearing me out."

I laugh when I look at these pics cause it takes me back to Jamie and I on the floor just SQUEALING at the boys to get them to look up. We were laughing so hard at them trying to get their heads up and turn their faces toward the loud noises (us). It was just so funny!

More updates to come!

It's a wonderful life!