Friday, November 15, 2013

4 months!

Keegan is such a happy baby!

He can officially roll front to back and back to front!

We are practicing sitting up but he definitely hasn't mastered that yet.

Sleeping really well at night (just waking up once). Still have a few nights of waking a few times and Ryan and I will tag team - usually goes right back to sleep. I'm the one who can't get back to sleep after waking up! Oh well - this too shall pass...

Drooling and chomping on his hands like crazy! Teething... so much fun. :-P

His hair is growing back in! He has one main patch down the center of the top of his head. 

SO ticklish. LOVE THIS. Get the best belly laughs out of him. I've got to get it on video and record his adorable laugh. Landon (below) like to tickle him... toes or cheeks. It's so cute when Landon really tries to play with him. 

Keegan just got over his first ear infection (yuck!) and croup. Landon didn't ever really get croup so that was new for us and ear infection never happened until 18 months! He's too young for this! :-/ We have his 4 month check on Monday - so we'll get all his current stats and see what our pedi thinks! 

Love you pumpkin!

It's a wonderful life!

Halloween - way behind!

Here's a huge photo bomb of Halloween!

We never got our act together to get the boys to a pumpkin patch to get pictures or a pumpkin. So I ran them to HEB and we picked one out. Landon LOVED picking his pumpkin out and Ryan came home from work early to help carve it! 

Love this little lion and this costume!!! 

Can you tell this was accidentally put on backwards? Silly Daddy - andddd can you see the tail ended up in the front ? I had to pull it under his leg and toward the back to snap a quick pic. Ry refused to flip the costume back around and I felt like it would be too much work too so we didn't. haha

"My punkin punkin."

"Trick or Treat!!!!"

Its a wonderful life!