Sunday, October 12, 2014

My baby boy is ONE!

Obviously .... SO behind in my updates. But I'm not going to be mad at myself about it - we have had a lot going on in the Corl house. Moved to a new house, new job for me and adjustment to preschool for the boys. I'll get to all that another time but here's a major photo dump of pics from Keegan's Birthday! Wish I had more pictures of the kiddos and family and friends, but this is what we got! 

It was such a fun and special day to celebrate our little love! He's just grown and changed so much and trying to keep up with his big brother! 

It's a wonderful life!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sorry Facebook Friends...

I am posting pics you've probably seen if you're my facebook friend! Anyway- just wanted to catch up my blog with what's goin on!

Last time I had not posted an update with Keegan's 11m pic - he started attempting to walk around 10 1/2 months, but by 11m he was going for it all on his own. He would just randomly pull to standing and just cruise furniture or walk toward a toy somewhere in the room - even if Ryan or I wasn't there. CRAZY! By 11 1/2 months it was completely unassisted. Now that it's a month later... he is totally walking so solid, able to put his hands on the floor and stand back up, no wobbles at all. He's so proud of himself!
 We celebrated Father's day with this amazing man we are so lucky to have in our life! Ryan is an amazing hand-on Dad to these boys. We were moving on Father's Day weekend.... it was a lot of work for him while I handled the munchkins. So thankful for all he does for us. 
 4th of July in the new neighborhood! SO much fun. Firetruck came and did a 'parade' down the main street to the community park and pool... and the kids decorated wagons and bikes and rode behind. I can see us doing this every year! P Terry's also catered which was SO yum and they had ice cream and all sorts of goodies for us. What an awesome HOA we have! So funny to think last year Keegan was born just 4 days later! This was his very first 4th of July! :)

PS- Yes I'm that mom that loves to match the boys...however we had a poop accident with big brother and wasn't able to keep the same outfit on. :( haha oh well! 

Happy 1st Birthday Keegan Joseph! We did a "Big Top" Circus theme for his birthday... same decor we have in his nursery. SO cute if I do say so myself! It was fun having friends and family to the new house to celebrate. He really did love the cake. 
 Ok...last set of pics. Just a few of my favs from our session with Ashley Love Photography. SHE WAS FABULOUS! Love these images she captured. SO many more, but I couldn't post them all. ;) 

At the end Keegan had about had enough....He was crying and Landon tried to make him feel better. Of course while holding his train Stanley. He never let go of that thing. Precious moments.

It's a wonderful life!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

While packing...

While packing up the house - more specifically the desk area, I came across lots of old teacher stuff. One was my first teacher appreciation door decoration. (Like a huge roll of butcher paper with decorations all over it... yeah I know I'm a hoarder, BUT just know teachers appreciate this heart felt stuff) It said "Miss G is as COOL as Texas is BIG!" .. I loved that my kids called me Miss G.

Here were some of their messages....
(some are hilarious to read and some are just so sweet!)

You rock Miss G.

I love Miss Gautille.

I think Miss G is cool cause she has lots of games.

She makes learning fun, she's nice and works hard for our happiness.

I think Miss G is cool because she's really nice and soooo funny.

Everybody in class is as happy as a horse.

I think Miss Gautille is cool because shes funny and nice.

I think Mrs. G is cool because shes funny cool and awesome and so nice.

I think Miss G is cool cause shes nice.

I think Miss G is cool cause she gives us a chance to do cool stuff and i love her.

Miss G is the bomb.

I think Miss G is awesome because shes cool.

I think Miss G is cool cause shes awesome.

I think Miss G is cool cause she makes things funner than they are.

I think Miss G is cool cause shes always doing fun stuff with us.

You're the best teacher.

Anyway... Cool, awesome, funny, nice were very common choices. You can tell they copied each other a lot haha! I loved this class, and remember this class so well. I wanted to document this adorableness before I threw away the door decor. Ryan made me. (kinda.. I knew it was a bit much to keep every little thing/card/drawing etc..)

Excited to get back into the classroom!

"I am a teacher. A teacher is someone who leads. There is no magic here. I do not walk on water, I do not part the sea. I just love children." -Marva Collins

Buying and Selling

Lots of changes coming for our family... finally have all the details ironed out so NOW I can post and explain what's up!

(I had started this post a few weeks ago...well now we are moved and unpacking! haha but here's some info!)

Ryan and I knew when we were picking out our first house - it was going to be perfect for us and a few kiddos. We moved in the weekend before our wedding (talk about crazy timing) and brought both boys home from the hospital to that house. We did this HUGE project and LOVED the outcome. Crazy looking through those pictures and the nasty carpet that was in there - yuck! Anyway - definitely a wonderful and perfect first home. Special place in our heart. (I feel like I wrote this post so quickly I didn't describe my mix of emotions about moving as much as I wish.)

We always talked about moving before Landon hit Kinder. Just wanted to be in a different area of town and be settled before school starts. Get to know the community and play with neighborhood kids that he'd go to school with etc. But I have also decided (after much prayer and reflection) to take a job teaching Kinder Ready at a preschool and I am SO excited!!!! The boys will get to come with me and be with me all day! Anyway... we are sad to say bye to our Pville house but excited for the next chapter and staying in this next house for a long while. 

Love our new place!

It's a wonderful life!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Photo Bomb...

This seems to be the most effective way for me to update... post TONS of pics... say a little something about it and we're good!

Last post Keegan just turned 8 months...well now he's 10! 
Keegan at 9 months! No helmet anymore!!! He wore it from 6-9 months... so like they estimated 3 months at the very longest. We are so thankful treatment was a breeze and glad we did this for him! It's like he grew up in a blink just by taking that helmet off. He grew and changed while hiding under that helmet. Melt my heart he's so cute!

 The boys favorite pastime is bath time together!!! They're pretty hilarious together. I plan to blow this picture up on a canvas for our new house! Perfect bathroom pic! :) 

EASTER! Did our best to get a family of 4 picture before mass. Bluebonnet picture attempt after church was well... kinda like our valentine picture in the photo booth. Keegan crying and Landon confused. Before this picture was taken Keegan was swatting the flowers cause he had NO idea what they were and Landon was sticking his tongue out and looking the other direction. haha Love these boys. Maybe you don't care about these random details, but I don't want to forget them! Thanks for reading ;)

 Oh I love sweet Keegan's face here! JOYFUL is that boys middle name - most of the time. ;) Went to visit my family after Easter - Ry had to work so we left him in Austin. :-/ BUT I FINALLY got to take the boys to Kid Country. It's a park I used to play at ALL THE TIME as a kid, and they recently renovated it. IT'S AMAZING! I guess if you're local there and go all the time it looses it's amazingness (?!) but we loved it and I loved going down memory lane. Wish Ry could've seen it too! 

 Backyard fun! Love our summer nights!

He's curious as George,
And love to play.
Come and celebrate,
Landon's 3rd birthday!

Swing by for some pizza, cake and monkey business! :)

We had Landon's birthday at The Little Gym this past weekend and had a great time!!!! SO much fun getting together with friends and family to celebrate our big boy! 

Cheering the kids on during a game they were playing!

They loved this bouncy thing.

Cannot believe my baby boy is 3!

Or that my baby baby is 10 months old!

Mr. Personality. So happy. 

He's still in 18m clothes and size 4 diapers. Getting really close to walking. ah! Still hates the car and loud noises. Finally sleeping allllll night... with not one wake up. yay! Eating tons of table food and loving it. Still no teeth. Any.Day.Now.

Here's a video of some great giggles from Keeg. Couldn't get YouTube to upload through blogger...just click the link. It's hilarious. I was making a chalkboard sign for something at Landon's party and I blew chalk dust away. He immediately starts busting out laughing. So what do I do?! I keep doing it for about 2 minutes or more. haha Only got 1min ish recorded. Love it!

It's a wonderful life!

(not sure where my fancy blog signature went ;) ) 

Friday, March 21, 2014

8 months.... can't keep up!

This sweet boy is growing and changing sooooooooooo fast. Cannot believe another month has gone by and I'm here to update. A lot has been going on at the Corl household - more on that later. 

A few more pics from the 'photo shoot'... he has to hold the number now.  Love the funny faces he's making! Check out Landon at 8 months... 

They're definitely brothers  - but have their own look about them. I love that! Keegan is doing lots of fun new things:

*Sitting up in shopping carts
*Sitting in high chairs at restaurants
*Feeding himself puffs
*Eating solids twice a day!
*Wearing Landon's 12-18m clothes
*Size 4 diapers
*Army crawling for a month now, but getting on all fours too!
*Sleeping ALLLLL night - teething waking him up recently
*Still taking 5 bottles a day, about 6oz each
*Playing and entertaining himself a lot
*Laughing and 'talking' to Landon (loves to do this in the car too)
*Facing out in strollers
*Teething - ugh! but no teeth yet!
(L didn't get teeth until we'll see!)

The boys are hilarious together. Laughing and playing...but also "Don't touch me brother!" "NO Keegan...that's my toy!" "Mommy/Daddy hold Keegan...these are mine!" - Landon. All that 'fun' sibling stuff is beginning! Landon is learning to give Keegan another toy to play with so he doesn't take his. haha The art of distraction. They do really love each other. Landon tries to make Keegan laugh when he's upset and tickles and hugs him. It's so cute!

Here's a funny bath tub video!

It's a wonderful life!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

7 months!

Sweet boy was in the middle of dealing with RSV when I took this picture...
could.not. get him to smile. Oh wel - still such a sweetie!

Oh this precious boy has stolen my heart... certified heart throb. ;)

7 months old and so much has changed and happened! 

He is in size 4 diapers and in 12m clothes. Thank goodness for Landon's hand-me-downs! Keegan is officially army crawling and into everything! I know things are just going to get even more crazy around here! :) 

Lots of family came to visit my parents this month! My Uncle Craig and Aunt Karen came beginning of February and then a few weeks later my Aunt Leenie came to visit us! 

Landon was telling Uncle Craig every trains name... over and over...

Visited Gigi, Uncle Evan and Mr. Bill in Houston!

Aunt Leenie! (GAL=Great Aunt Leenie!)

I tried to make a cute Kissing Booth to do valentiney pictures...

Keegan wasn't a fan...

Gigi also sent their picture into the news station the morning of Valentine's Day and the boys made an appearance on tv!!! More than once!!! Fun memory. :)

Keegan had RSV - ugh! Found another attachment that was a pacifier piece... made the breathing treatments at home easier. Poor thing hated them! Landon never had this before... so it was a new virus for us to deal with. Ready for the boys to feel better and spring weather!

Sat up in a cart for the first time! He got SO annoyed being in the car seat (notice it behind him) and so I tried sitting him up in the cart - he loved it! Obviously - he's so happy!

Got together with Melissa and her kiddos! 
Love seeing them all together!!!!

This was a quick update on our month. Lots of pictures - so much fun! The boys are growing tons and loving each other. :) 

I'll post a video soon of Keegan's army crawling! It's crazy how quickly he's growing and changing. Love him and his brother (and their daddy) to pieces! 

It's a wonderful life!