Wednesday, January 15, 2014

6 months...and new head gear ;)

Crazy to believe this not so little guy is half a year old!!! Where did these past 6 months go?!?!

He is just as smiley as can be! Rolling back and forth both directions...all over the crib during naps and bedtime...and sleeps on his tummy. He sits up really well but tends to fall backwards every once in a while. He's tough though. ;) He loves to 'talk' and eat. haha Clearly. He's over 20 lbs!

 Keegan got some new head gear. Around 4 months we noticed he had a pretty good flat spot on the back of his head. It we figured we'd watch it and see if it'd correct itself. Pediatrician didn't seem to concerned and said lets check at 6 months. My gut was telling me to push things further just to be sure and get him evaluated. 

I wish I could post the images and scale they used to determine if treatment was necessary. Pretty remarkable the technology they use to take images... from those images they get his head measurements...and if you decide to do treatment or if it's recommended - the helmet is made from those! CRAZY. Not one tape measure was taken out to figure out the size of his head or anything. Amazing.

I've learned so much through this DOC band experience (brand of the helmet). Some kids need helmets due to tight neck muscles and forces their head to be asymmetrical. Keegan's wasn't asymmetrical. He was definitely flat... just evenly flat. haha Also, our heads are supposed to be 1/3 longer (front to back) than they are wide. Well Keeg is wide - his skull was bulging a little above his ears which makes sense if his head is soft and the flatness in the back forced his skull to widen. I told the Physical Therapist... "Trust me! I know better. I didn't leave him on the floor at lot/all day. I didn't keep him in a rocker very long. I didn't keep him in a carseat all day..." She cut me off and said, "It's nothing you did... it's just because babies sleep on their backs and they sleep A LOT. This is pretty common. Don't blame yourself." ANYWAY- Here we are. He's too cute!  

The PT said if we decided to not treat him (even though it was highly recommended).. he would have trouble getting glasses to fit his face correctly because of the way his head was shaping over his ears... along with fitting hats, bike helmets etc. Since they highly recommended it we decided to get him treated. We are happy to do this for him! I knew I wouldn't regret doing it...but possibly regret NOT doing it. It's a blink in his life and not a big deal really. 

"Action shot" of the boys playing together. ;) 

Love them beyond words.

One of my best friends (and cousin) came in town!!! Holly is from Tampa and had not met Keegan yet! It had also been a while since she had seen Landon or Ryan and I for that matter. We had a great time! Took her and her boyfriend Michael to the Oasis on Lake Travis and had a fun relaxing weekend! Plenty of entertainment from the littles. ;) 

"Little Brudder... Keeeeegan say cheeeese" 

I see best buddies in the making. Keegan LOVES to just watch Landon... and Landon loves to try and play with Keegan, and tickle him and make him smile etc. Show him love the best way he knows how. SO much fun ahead for us with these two sweethearts!!!

It's a wonderful life!

PS- Never got around to posting Christmas pictures... oh well. It would take forever to post everything and upload/download pics and write. Ain't nobody got time for that. ;) Anyway - We traveled the weekend before Christmas to Houston to see Ryan's side...and the weekend after Christmas to Dallas to see my side. Wonderful time! Excited to see what this new year brings!! I love fresh starts! Happy 2014!