Wednesday, February 26, 2014

7 months!

Sweet boy was in the middle of dealing with RSV when I took this picture...
could.not. get him to smile. Oh wel - still such a sweetie!

Oh this precious boy has stolen my heart... certified heart throb. ;)

7 months old and so much has changed and happened! 

He is in size 4 diapers and in 12m clothes. Thank goodness for Landon's hand-me-downs! Keegan is officially army crawling and into everything! I know things are just going to get even more crazy around here! :) 

Lots of family came to visit my parents this month! My Uncle Craig and Aunt Karen came beginning of February and then a few weeks later my Aunt Leenie came to visit us! 

Landon was telling Uncle Craig every trains name... over and over...

Visited Gigi, Uncle Evan and Mr. Bill in Houston!

Aunt Leenie! (GAL=Great Aunt Leenie!)

I tried to make a cute Kissing Booth to do valentiney pictures...

Keegan wasn't a fan...

Gigi also sent their picture into the news station the morning of Valentine's Day and the boys made an appearance on tv!!! More than once!!! Fun memory. :)

Keegan had RSV - ugh! Found another attachment that was a pacifier piece... made the breathing treatments at home easier. Poor thing hated them! Landon never had this before... so it was a new virus for us to deal with. Ready for the boys to feel better and spring weather!

Sat up in a cart for the first time! He got SO annoyed being in the car seat (notice it behind him) and so I tried sitting him up in the cart - he loved it! Obviously - he's so happy!

Got together with Melissa and her kiddos! 
Love seeing them all together!!!!

This was a quick update on our month. Lots of pictures - so much fun! The boys are growing tons and loving each other. :) 

I'll post a video soon of Keegan's army crawling! It's crazy how quickly he's growing and changing. Love him and his brother (and their daddy) to pieces! 

It's a wonderful life!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Here are some pics of us at home...
Nothing new really - just living and loving!

Love how he looks at me! :)

Precious boy LOVES the walker and the freedom to get around the house... (and chase his brother!) His head is lookin' good! 

OH THE GIGGLES. They make each other laugh like no other!
Hilarious together.

My heart right here.

Here they go again! "Tickle brudder..."

I need to get in more pictures with these three that I love so much! Want the boys to remember their young mom ;)

It's a wonderful life!