Friday, March 21, 2014

8 months.... can't keep up!

This sweet boy is growing and changing sooooooooooo fast. Cannot believe another month has gone by and I'm here to update. A lot has been going on at the Corl household - more on that later. 

A few more pics from the 'photo shoot'... he has to hold the number now.  Love the funny faces he's making! Check out Landon at 8 months... 

They're definitely brothers  - but have their own look about them. I love that! Keegan is doing lots of fun new things:

*Sitting up in shopping carts
*Sitting in high chairs at restaurants
*Feeding himself puffs
*Eating solids twice a day!
*Wearing Landon's 12-18m clothes
*Size 4 diapers
*Army crawling for a month now, but getting on all fours too!
*Sleeping ALLLLL night - teething waking him up recently
*Still taking 5 bottles a day, about 6oz each
*Playing and entertaining himself a lot
*Laughing and 'talking' to Landon (loves to do this in the car too)
*Facing out in strollers
*Teething - ugh! but no teeth yet!
(L didn't get teeth until we'll see!)

The boys are hilarious together. Laughing and playing...but also "Don't touch me brother!" "NO Keegan...that's my toy!" "Mommy/Daddy hold Keegan...these are mine!" - Landon. All that 'fun' sibling stuff is beginning! Landon is learning to give Keegan another toy to play with so he doesn't take his. haha The art of distraction. They do really love each other. Landon tries to make Keegan laugh when he's upset and tickles and hugs him. It's so cute!

Here's a funny bath tub video!

It's a wonderful life!