Monday, May 19, 2014

Photo Bomb...

This seems to be the most effective way for me to update... post TONS of pics... say a little something about it and we're good!

Last post Keegan just turned 8 months...well now he's 10! 
Keegan at 9 months! No helmet anymore!!! He wore it from 6-9 months... so like they estimated 3 months at the very longest. We are so thankful treatment was a breeze and glad we did this for him! It's like he grew up in a blink just by taking that helmet off. He grew and changed while hiding under that helmet. Melt my heart he's so cute!

 The boys favorite pastime is bath time together!!! They're pretty hilarious together. I plan to blow this picture up on a canvas for our new house! Perfect bathroom pic! :) 

EASTER! Did our best to get a family of 4 picture before mass. Bluebonnet picture attempt after church was well... kinda like our valentine picture in the photo booth. Keegan crying and Landon confused. Before this picture was taken Keegan was swatting the flowers cause he had NO idea what they were and Landon was sticking his tongue out and looking the other direction. haha Love these boys. Maybe you don't care about these random details, but I don't want to forget them! Thanks for reading ;)

 Oh I love sweet Keegan's face here! JOYFUL is that boys middle name - most of the time. ;) Went to visit my family after Easter - Ry had to work so we left him in Austin. :-/ BUT I FINALLY got to take the boys to Kid Country. It's a park I used to play at ALL THE TIME as a kid, and they recently renovated it. IT'S AMAZING! I guess if you're local there and go all the time it looses it's amazingness (?!) but we loved it and I loved going down memory lane. Wish Ry could've seen it too! 

 Backyard fun! Love our summer nights!

He's curious as George,
And love to play.
Come and celebrate,
Landon's 3rd birthday!

Swing by for some pizza, cake and monkey business! :)

We had Landon's birthday at The Little Gym this past weekend and had a great time!!!! SO much fun getting together with friends and family to celebrate our big boy! 

Cheering the kids on during a game they were playing!

They loved this bouncy thing.

Cannot believe my baby boy is 3!

Or that my baby baby is 10 months old!

Mr. Personality. So happy. 

He's still in 18m clothes and size 4 diapers. Getting really close to walking. ah! Still hates the car and loud noises. Finally sleeping allllll night... with not one wake up. yay! Eating tons of table food and loving it. Still no teeth. Any.Day.Now.

Here's a video of some great giggles from Keeg. Couldn't get YouTube to upload through blogger...just click the link. It's hilarious. I was making a chalkboard sign for something at Landon's party and I blew chalk dust away. He immediately starts busting out laughing. So what do I do?! I keep doing it for about 2 minutes or more. haha Only got 1min ish recorded. Love it!

It's a wonderful life!

(not sure where my fancy blog signature went ;) )