Saturday, June 21, 2014

While packing...

While packing up the house - more specifically the desk area, I came across lots of old teacher stuff. One was my first teacher appreciation door decoration. (Like a huge roll of butcher paper with decorations all over it... yeah I know I'm a hoarder, BUT just know teachers appreciate this heart felt stuff) It said "Miss G is as COOL as Texas is BIG!" .. I loved that my kids called me Miss G.

Here were some of their messages....
(some are hilarious to read and some are just so sweet!)

You rock Miss G.

I love Miss Gautille.

I think Miss G is cool cause she has lots of games.

She makes learning fun, she's nice and works hard for our happiness.

I think Miss G is cool because she's really nice and soooo funny.

Everybody in class is as happy as a horse.

I think Miss Gautille is cool because shes funny and nice.

I think Mrs. G is cool because shes funny cool and awesome and so nice.

I think Miss G is cool cause shes nice.

I think Miss G is cool cause she gives us a chance to do cool stuff and i love her.

Miss G is the bomb.

I think Miss G is awesome because shes cool.

I think Miss G is cool cause shes awesome.

I think Miss G is cool cause she makes things funner than they are.

I think Miss G is cool cause shes always doing fun stuff with us.

You're the best teacher.

Anyway... Cool, awesome, funny, nice were very common choices. You can tell they copied each other a lot haha! I loved this class, and remember this class so well. I wanted to document this adorableness before I threw away the door decor. Ryan made me. (kinda.. I knew it was a bit much to keep every little thing/card/drawing etc..)

Excited to get back into the classroom!

"I am a teacher. A teacher is someone who leads. There is no magic here. I do not walk on water, I do not part the sea. I just love children." -Marva Collins

Buying and Selling

Lots of changes coming for our family... finally have all the details ironed out so NOW I can post and explain what's up!

(I had started this post a few weeks ago...well now we are moved and unpacking! haha but here's some info!)

Ryan and I knew when we were picking out our first house - it was going to be perfect for us and a few kiddos. We moved in the weekend before our wedding (talk about crazy timing) and brought both boys home from the hospital to that house. We did this HUGE project and LOVED the outcome. Crazy looking through those pictures and the nasty carpet that was in there - yuck! Anyway - definitely a wonderful and perfect first home. Special place in our heart. (I feel like I wrote this post so quickly I didn't describe my mix of emotions about moving as much as I wish.)

We always talked about moving before Landon hit Kinder. Just wanted to be in a different area of town and be settled before school starts. Get to know the community and play with neighborhood kids that he'd go to school with etc. But I have also decided (after much prayer and reflection) to take a job teaching Kinder Ready at a preschool and I am SO excited!!!! The boys will get to come with me and be with me all day! Anyway... we are sad to say bye to our Pville house but excited for the next chapter and staying in this next house for a long while. 

Love our new place!

It's a wonderful life!