Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Another 6 month recap...

Computer difficulties and just crazy busy life in general caused this lengthy 6 month recap!
LOTS has happened. So here we go...
Christmas 2014
This of course could have it's own entire post - or 3 - but ain't nobody got time for that! So Here's a quick recap of the highlights. :)
My hunky husband and I have been together 10 Christmases! We couldn't believe it when we figured that out! Love doing life with him and can't wait for many more decades of Christmas together!  

The boys ready for Christmas Eve Children's Mass

Landon bein cute ;)

Never get pics of all 4 of us unless someone is around.... so this is the best we got!

Littlest brother and I! 17.5 weeks here :)
This was Christmas when grandparents visited!
Christmas Morning - opening his Polar Express track!
He LOVED it!
He was SO surprised Santa brought him this track set and was sweet to let Keegan play.
I promise Santa brought Keegan some great things too... however at his age (17months ish) he didn't quite get the present opening until he saw Landon doing it, and then he'd go to something else in about 30 seconds after opening something. We had a great Christmas as a family of 4 1/2 ;)
HAD to end our Christmas/December post with this gem of a photo.
We had a few days until Christmas Eve and I knew it was now or never to get a photo with Santa at the mall. Well everyone else in the Austin area had the same idea. The line was SO long.  Oh well - lots of decorations and fun to look at. The year before when we saw Santa, Landon sat and smiled and Keegan just sat and stared. He was 6 months old and had really no idea what was going on, but he wasn't afraid! This year - obviously a different story! He was TERRIFIED!!!!
We got the boys to sit on Santa's lap... Keegan already freaking out- and the camera girl says the camera isn't working!!!! She starts trying to fix it and I grab Keegan to calm him down and Landon is just so tickled to be in Santa's lap. He starts petting his fluffy white fur sleeves and doesn't want to move a muscle. He was beaming. Too cute. Camera starts working and Keegan keeps screaming. Oh well! Funny memory and great photo that captured the moment. ;) 

January was a tough month- my grandfather and 'birthday twin' passed away.

The top picture is of all my cousins on my mom's side. It was an extremely sad circumstance that brought us all together, but it was amazing to see everyone and a great reminder of what a wonderful family we have because of Papa Don's legacy.

Pictures of a few of the birthday's we celebrated together and one of my favorite pictures from our wedding. He was telling us what a beautiful ceremony we had and that he was praying for us and our marriage. I could tell he was thinking of his bride and my sweet grandmother we miss so much.

My cousin Lauren had a swim meet at UT swim center and we went to watch her! She swims for Arizona and is amazzzzzzing! Landon and Keegan loved watching the swimmers and finally got to meet Lauren! So fun! :)
Fav quote of the day... "Mom... can they get out of the way so I can swim?!?!" He was dead serious.

My little cuties!
Nonna came to visit! We took her to the county park near us and rode the train the boys LOVE.
Are you surprised?!

Oh boy...there's baby brother! ;)

Landon LOVES this train!

Valentine's day we had got together with a bunch of friends with kids and had a great time!!!! Lots of food, fun, games and laughing and of course playing with the kids. Keegan wasn't thrilled about a picture. Poor thing!

We took a trip to Houston to visit Ryan's family and we realized it was our last time to visit/stay at his childhood home! Ryan's mom and fiancé built a new house and were moving later the next month! Sweet sentimental pic!
Over Spring Break I took the boys to visit my parents in Dallas. We went to my favorite childhood park and they had a great time! This happened to be St. Patrick's day and they were so cute posing for pictures for us.

Keegan didn't nap well one day... and he was clingy poor thing. Here's a picture we captured that I just love. My baby on our baby. :)
Dr. Seuss Dress Up Day! We dressed as the Star-Bellied Sneeches! Thought it was pretty cute (and easy!) and hilarious ...especially with a baby belly. :)

April & May
These months flew by in prep for baby #3's arrival!! 
Here's Easter Sunday :) They look so handsome!

 So that was a quick recap - life is busy! and...
It's a wonderful life!

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