Friday, November 27, 2015

Christmas Pictures... Dawson is 6 months old!

 So we go from these pics....

To these....
I am so in love with these two picture I just can't even stand it!!!!
My precious boys....and it looks like Dawson will be a blue eyed boy like Daddy.
"Hey Ryan....what if I kissed you?!! Landon and Keegan ...cover your eyes!!!!" hahaha so spontaneous and this is what we got! Love Dawson's little bowtie too. :)
 In just 6 months so much has happened! Ryan and I have had our comfort zones stretched once again and now are feeling more confident in our abilities as individual parents and as a team. Landon has been a big helper and great comic relief when needed - meaning many times a day. ;) Keegan has started talking SO much and showing so much love the best way his 2 year old self knows how to show it. I had many conversations with God after we had Keegan and said that two was all we could handle....and then God had other plans for us and said otherwise. God has taught me so much and shown me His love for us through me having Dawson. I needed to have Dawson to see this truth again like I once knew so strongly in my core. I hope to keep blogging more regularly... it is hard to find time to set aside, but I want this to be a record of our sweet little family's life!
It's a wonderful life!

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