Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Dawson's Birth Story

I have been wanting to write this story down for a whole month now half a year now! ha! Been a little busy trying to keep up with these littles we have. I wanted to write down all the little details I may forget due to lack of sleep. ;)
At my 38 week appointment my dr and I discussed possibly inducing at 39 weeks. Having never done that before I was SO nervous at the thought of it...but I was also very uncomfortable physically (but who isn't at 9months preg), worried about child care for the big boys if I was to go into labor unexpectedly, and how big is this kiddo?! Landon was 8 1/2 lb and Keegan was 9 1/2 lbs... Dawson definitely didn't feel as big as Keegan, but maybe just about Landon's weight. (You find out later dr and myself were TOTALLY off! haha)
We decided to go ahead and induce the Sunday I turned 39 weeks. She checked me and I was already 4.5cm and 75% effaced (woah!) this was going to be a 'piece of cake' is what my Dr & midwife said! My body has had two babies and would kick into gear once it knew what was going on! So here is Dawson's Birthday story!

We were told to be at the hospital at 5am. Well we were running late - we were up until 11pm because little Keegan was cryyyyying in bed and wouldn't go to sleep. Of course just what we needed before the big day and last day of sleep until baby D sleeps through the night! ;) But it was also mixed with the emotions that life would be totally different for the boys (and us!) the next morning and things would drastically change - so we didn't mind the extra comforting and snuggles.

By the time we got inside it was 5:15 and a sweet girl greeted us - she said we were the only people she was waiting for this morning! It was a Sunday so most people were scheduled for Monday instead of the weekend. We made small talk about the rain and our older boys and our new baby boy we would soon meet! She walked us into the labor and delivery area and I had flashbacks of both Landon and Keegan's birthdays. Pacing the hall for 2 hours with Landon still in my tummy...and waddling in at 2am with crazy contractions I couldn't even sign us in the morning of Keegan's birthday.

A sweet nurse Jenn took us to our L&D room and she was great about calming my nerves for the induction. I was bummed because I knew the nurses shift switches at 7am and she would soon be leaving us! Jenn had me get dressed in my glamorous gown and another nurse came to put in my IV and we waited for my midwife to come!

Last pic of me carrying Dawson... man he is OUT there! ;)

Liane (midwife) showed up and was so excited for this day like we were. She has such a calming presence and Ryan and I immediately felt better once she showed up. We decided to start Pitocin and would watch how my body and baby responded to it... I had a 'drip of pit' with Landon so I had had pitocin before but never had a bad experience with it like you might hear from other people.  It was around 6:40am and we got started! Liane was excited for a 'birthday party' later as she was calling it that all day. Love her. :)

I met my new nurse Cassidy around 7:15am and she was such a doll!!! SO sweet and she was so amazing.  The morning was really calm and relaxing (eh... sounds strange but it really was. That was all I prayed for - not rushing not stressed not worried about the other big brother not scared etc) ... contractions were starting but nothing I couldn't handle. Dawson's heart rate was fine and he was not having any trouble while this was going on.  To pass the time Ryan and I ate popsicles! haha About an hour later (8:15am) I decided to get an epidural to relax/quit fighting contractions and 'labor down'... just where baby makes his way down throughout the contractions (and makes dialating happen) instead of me fighting and tensing up against the contractions which I had done in the past.  The anesthesiologist came in and was a lady! We were telling Cassidy that with Landon AND Keegan it was the same man anesthesiologist to come give me my epidual! She was shocked we had the same guy with the other boys cause chances are highly unlikely. She did a great job and it didn't hurt much at all. Cassidy and Ryan helped me get situated on one side and continued to flip flop me so the epi was even across my body instead of being more numb on one side than the other.

Liane came to check on me and we decided to break my water - this was around 10am. This would speed up contractions and hopefully have baby boy soon! We started talking about his name and how big the other boys were and how much fun we were going to have with our crew of 5. Liane guessed around 1pm we would have Dawson! Then she left and Cassidy kept coming in to check and helping Ryan flip me to my other side.

 So speed up to around 11:50pm - we had just been on the phone with our moms and we knew contractions were getting closer. I felt them but Ryan watched the monitor too. We called Cassidy and told her I was feeling different and a LOT more pressure. She came in to check on me and got a hold of Liane. This was the moment I was most anxious about... but most excited at the same time. Liane checked and sure enough "He's right here!" I started getting SO nervous but the pain was so intense I wanted him out and in my arms finally! Liane said to give one good push and we will see what happens. So back up to Landon's birthday... 3 hours - yes hours, of pushing... I was clearly doing it all wrong but I was also a rookie. ;)  Keegan's birthday was 3 pushes... yes 3 pushes total and he was out. All 9 1/2 lbs of precious baby. Then this day... I knew how to do it and didn't wanna have 3 hours of pushing. (I knew that would be highly unlikely because of how much easier Keegan was...but still. Kept that thought of pushing forever in my mind to muster up all my strength.) I took a huge deep breath in, closed my eyes and pushed with all I had in me... and I kept pushing... and pushing... (same contraction) "Oh my gosh don't mess around... he's almost here!" And what felt like halfway through I freaked out cause I hadn't caught my breath... "I can't breathe!!!!!!!!" was somehow able to get that out of my mouth .... "Yes you can ....Sara your eyes! Look up Sara... open your eyes!"

And there he was. The smallest, sweetest, glorious little baby I have ever delivered. Dawson Matthew my heart was yours right then and there. 12:30pm 7lb 10oz 20 1/2 inches of perfection and pure love.



His face says it all...

Corl Party of 5! And yes Keegan is holding fries...the only way we got him to sit and take a picture! ;)

I wish I had more pictures with Ryan right after he was born... both crying and so happy. Amazing moments I'll never forget.
It's a very wonderful life!

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