Monday, December 19, 2016

Oh my! It's been a year....

Well hello blogger world... It's been a long while. I'm not even sure anybody will read this, but here I am! It's Christmas break and I'm lovinggggg my time off with the boys. My plan is to try and keep up with this blogging thing (which I was pretty good at before having three kids, but also life wasn't sooo interesting to write about - or read about - now was it?! hehe) So here it goes...

This was last month at the Wall's Family Tree Farm we always went to ever since I was little. FINALLY got all 3 boys there, and this is our latest pic! Everyone has grown so much

SO so thankful to have this guy by my side on this wild ride called Parenthood.

I am going to try not and beat myself up for not writing in a long time because I do recognize there's a lot going on in our house!!! 


Ryan and I both have new jobs.... He works as a sales consultant for David Weekley Homes and I accepted a 3rd grade position in Leander ISD! Ryan loves his new gig! I'm excited to be in LISD because that's where our {newish} house is zoned and the boys will be going through that district! 

Landon is 5 1/2 and so so so fun. Love this age! He is full of energy, questions, loves to be a helper and the oldest ;) He is starting to read a handful more sights words than he did this time last year, and pretending to read which is how reading starts so it's reading to me! ;) Landon wants to try and play basketball. He tried a multisport program where he did flag football, soccer and Tball. 

Keegan is 3 1/2 and veryyyy much a "threenager". If I'm completely honest - this is the hardest age for us. It's that line between wanting to be SO independent and also wanting mom and dad's help. He isn't the best napper which makes afternoons and evenings difficult.  Since August, Keegan has been in ELE which is LISD's preschool program for teacher's kids and kids with special needs. It's been really fun and sometimes a struggle to bring him to school with me in the mornings. He and I have lunch at the same time, and it's really cute seeing him so excited and being able to go talk to him while he eats with his class. Seriously, being a working mom is a tough gig, but being able to be in the same building as your kids and seeing them during the day is the BEST THING EVER! I got to hop over to his Christmas party no problem, and see him throughout the day. Excited for Landon to join us next year in Kindergarten!

Dawson is 18 months and into everythinggggggg. He's climbing couches and chairs, opening cabinets and some doors, running and playing constantly, and the most loving little boy! Just so sweet like his brothers. Safety is the biggest thing at Dawson's age. You cannot take your eyes off him! He's been saying a lot of words, but most recently "Mine" "STOP!" "Eat" "This" are his new words. I keep working on "I Love You!" - can't wait to hear that the most!