Saturday, May 1, 2010

So I'm the worst blogger ever....

It's May now and so much has happened!

I actually ended up doing my half marathon with one of my best friends Melissa. She kept me going the entire time! I'm so proud we finished in our goal time too!!! 2 hours and 30 minutes. Awesome! Later that day though.... yeah I slept in bed the rest of the day and flew the next morning - drove straight to work and could barely walk or eat. Haha sounds great right. My stomach didn't settle well with food for many days after that. It was amazing - I kept burning calories. So I should run a half every Sunday and I'd be set for the week! yeah right.

Ryan and I put an offer on a house. Things are looking good! So far so good. Cannot wait until it's official. Closing day is 8 days before the wedding. Yea! Super stressful. He does house stuff. I do wedding stuff. We're about even.

TAKS testing is over with. ALLELUIA! It is so stressful. Also, teacher have to 'actively monitor' to be sure everything is going well. This translates as pacing the room and staring around, being a waitress for your students, dealing with their 'I need a new pencil' or 'I need a drink of water/bathroom break' requests, and basically not using your brain all day. I cannnnnnot imagine having a brainless job. I was more exhausted those two days of nothingness with my brain than I am a normal school day where about a 238479735023 things happen. I do love teaching children.

I have 4 more Mondays of school left! YAY! I'm very torn. It's like I want school to end so I can think only about the wedding...but at the same time when school is out - the wedding is here! ahhhh Thank goodness we didn't set the date for July...can't wait much longer.

Updates on the house and other things to come! We are so blessed! God is good.