Sunday, April 21, 2013

28 weeks

Here we are!
I lied - I'm actually 29 wks in this picture...stats are for 29 wks- whoops!
How far along?
28 weeks - unbelieveable. 7 months! Holy Moly! Time is flying!
How big is the baby?
According to baby should be around 2 1/4 lbs and 14 inches long! My appt Monday he was measuring right at 28 wks. (now he's 2 1/2 lbs and 15 inches)

Weight Gain?
12 lbs so far - I think this is a combo of being more active, smarter about my eating but also dealing with tummy issues. :-/ Dr thinks I have a food intolerance of some sort, just not sure exactly what food(s) yet. Nothing is consistent.

Sleeping fine - as long as I have all my pillows. :)

Best Moment of the Week?
When we ask Landon, "Where's your baby?" he points to my tummy. :) He will even kiss him. So sweet! However he hates not having as much room to sit in my lap - haha!

Food cravings?
Same as before....sandwiches and sweets. More sweets now.

Oh yes - he's getting stronger! Some days he's more crazy than others, but feel him kick around everyday now. :) Dance party every night when I lay down to go to sleep.

What I miss?
Being able to eat and not worry about it upsetting my stomach! It's such a mystery as to what is giving me all these problems - I'm scared to eat but hungry at the same time. Trying to stay bland but that gets old real quick. Dr said to cut out dairy and greasy/fried foods. I'm not eating greasy/fried I cut out dairy and nothing's changed. Not convinced it's dairy. Hope this is resolved soon!

Looking forward to?
Painting the guest room and turning it into another baby room!!!
Landon's 2nd birthday party and celebrating his birthday! 2 years new. :)

Umm... I dunno, I feel like making it to 7 months is a milestone! ha

It's a wonderful life!

Monday, April 15, 2013

21 and 22 months

Photo Bomb again!
21 and 22 months... catch up updates!
Landon LOVES to draw with chalk, markers, crayons etc. He especially likes his easel from Uncle AJ - and of course loves sidewalk chalk. He gets so dirty and clothes get all messy, but he has so much fun!  
Train obsession continues... loves his train table!

Look at his crazy hair! This was at a playdate...

 He loves music and anything musical... these drums were a hit! (pun intended..har har)

My little cutie...

Egg hunt with the playgroup - he didn't quite get the concept. Do you see the egg he passed... he just wanted to play! haha
Oh and mow the lawn.

Sweet Devon and Landon at the egg hunt.
Checking out his 3 eggs in his basket. hehe

Landon can identify most of his letters and numbers!!! He started counting way before he started saying the alphabet or identifying letters. It amazes Ryan and I how much he does know and understand. DO NOT underestimate these kiddos!
We have started time out... it wasn't easy at first but he caught on quickly. He sometimes is upset and sometimes not when he sits in his time out chair - not sure if that's a good or bad thing. We always give him a hug and kiss after time out and of course remind him we love him but "We do not ____" and we fill in the blank with whatever was going on. He's a smarty pants cause he'll sit down for maybe 5 seconds and request a hug thinking he can get out. ha! "Hug? Hug?"
Sweet picture we took on my Birthday - Family Lunch Date! Such a surprise - daddy took off work to play with us all day! :)

Landon is 21 months here....and baby brother is 21 wks!
Wish we could've taken a picture that showed my belly a little more, but this was a sweet moment.
We were reading "I Love You Stinky Face" before bedtime.
We are talking about 'baby brother' a lot! Not sure if he's fully grasping the concept - but he'll figure it out quick in July! haha He actually noticed my belly when I first started showing and was pushing it back in. haha Now he pats it and says 'baby' and kisses him. So sweet. I need to get a big brother book and start reading that. Hope we can do some things to help the transition...
He is also finally getting his incisors on top! Teething never ends I swear!!!! In the 21 month picture you can see gaps in his teeth ...however they're in now!
Oh he also LOVES baseball! *Turn the volume down...I'm loud. :-/*
This was one of the first times he was really playing and hitting of course I got all excited and he was so proud! It's one of our favorite outdoor things to do. :) Love spring time!
Landon - you are such a joy. Daddy and I love you to pieces. It's been so fun watching you grow and get so big! You're becoming such a little boy now and are a little sweetie. Definitely savoring these last few months and weeks with just you, but we know brother will make our family even more fun and you'll love him so much. Can't wait to see you be a big brother!
It's a wonderful life!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Easter 2013

Beware of photo overload!!!
We had a wonderful Easter weekend as a family of 3 1/2! ;) I love being able to start our own traditions - and carry on a mix between both of our families. It's fun being on 'this end' of things - making each holiday special and kinda *magical*.
Treats I wanted to try and make - they were yummmm!
Took some to our sweet neighbors!

Cadbury egg hidden inside!

Egg dying with Daddy!
Landon did great with help of course - definitely messsyyyy - all of our fingers were colored.

Every time he put a new egg in he'd go "Oooohhhh! wowwwww!!!"
The neighborhood next to ours was having an Egg Hunt, Easter Bunny visit and Petting Zoo for the kids. We only made it as far as the playscape and he was all about playin' around instead of the Egg Hunt. Fine with us - great weather and morning to get out and about!
Handsome little sweetie...
We did not attempt a Bunny picture last year - as a kid I always screamed with Santa and the Bunny so I never feel like I have to get Landon to take a picture with either. However, when it wasn't crowded I thought we should give it a try... and here's how it went...
What's in the basket?

He's looking at daddy - can I go see the bunny?

Here's an egg!

Cute bunny picture!!!!!
Yay! He was such a HAM - "Cheese" and looked right at me so I could snap this!
Easter Morning. Basket out.
Easter basket goodies!
Cookie Monster, bubble gun, giant coloring book, toddler bible. :)

He loves sitting in the boppy... checking out the bubbles.

It's tough with only 3 of us together to get a family picture. Tried to do the self timer thing with no success. Oh well! These will do! 
Had to take turns with pictures... baby boys say Happy Easter! ;)
26 wks on Easter.

Couldn't get him to look - - handsome daddy and son!

Finding eggs around the house - he caught on to the 'game' pretty well!

Found more!

Yes the vaccum is out - it 'encourages' me to clean. Right?

cutie with his Elmo basket - he thought finding the eggs was so fun!

Love this song by Matt Maher about Easter!
Yes the bunny and egg hunting and gifts are fun - however I know this time next year Landon will be learning and hopefully trying to grasp all that Jesus did for us. I cannot wait to see this little boy (and his brother) grow to love Christ and become a Godly boy and someday man!

It's a wonderful life!