Wednesday, January 26, 2011

22.5 weeks!

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday!

As I'm posting this picture I'm asking myself... "why are you posting THIS picture". I look HUGE and this shirt sideways is not flattering at all. Once again I look so tired at the end of the day. Pregnancy isn't for wimps!!!

Well I'm feeling the little guy more and more everday. It's really a neat feeling, and sometimes I get so caught off guard it makes me jump!

I've made it a goal to get working out more and keeping track of what I eat better, and it's helped! I haven't gained a pound in about 2 weeks. Don't worry - this is ok. The Dr. told me my weight had gone up so quickly from 14 - 20 wks and said I need to just be careful I don't do that again the next month (like the same amount of weight). She was cute and goes, "Honestly...we don't care how much you weigh. It's really up to you and what you wanna have to get off later. If you gain only one pound at your 24 wk appt we'll say 'hey good job' and not 'oh my gosh..what's wrong with the baby'. The baby will be fine! You just need to watch the weight for no complications later."

Boy did that really get my butt in check! I got to the gym 3 days in a row last week, and it felt great. Definitely can't work out like I used to. Just hope on the eliptical or walk the tredmill for 30 minutes or so. Honestly..(and I'm going to be really honest here) I've NEVER had this big of a bust and I had noo problem with what I was given before pregnancy. So adjusting to that new part of my body is tough! That has to have some lbs included in my total right?! Also, over Christmas break I really just popped and have been growing little by little since then. Plus Christmas is full of soooo many sweets which I crave. I sound like I'm justfying my weight here. haha - attempting to make myself feel better. Baby boy is about 1lb now so that's something too. Anyways that was probably a litttttle TMI.

Spaghetti Squash
This is definiately not something I'm craving...

There's this cute fruit timeline online of the baby's growth each week and this is about the size of Baby Boy Corl this week. YIKES! Bigger than I thought!

Random Thought Today: Could the Angel Gabriel just come down and say, "You're going to have a son and his name will be ______" That would make name picking a lot easier!! :)

It's a wonderful life!
-Sara and Baby boy

Friday, January 21, 2011

What's in a name?

Now that we know Baby Corl is a really helps us begin to narrow down things (somewhat). Nursery ideas, colors for the room, stroller, carseat, and names. That is the first thing people ask us now...."Ok so yall have any names?" Well at first we never ever agreed on names and it felt hopeless, but now we've come to a few agreements! Below is a poll of the names we have bouncing around in our heads. No guarantees people! Just thought this would be fun to do. :)

Lee is a family middle name on Ryan's side. It's Ryan's middle name along with his dad, and his dad's dad etc. :)

Quizzes by

I got this name poll idea from a family friend's blog... Brittany Gauntt!

It's a wonderful life!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

21 wks and fun family visit!!!

Well it's been a while, but it's been quite eventful around the Corl Casa! We've had so much family over! My cousin Lauren (pictures are below) is a fantastic swimmer at her high school and is being recruited by colleges. She had a swim meet at the UT Swim Center and tons of amazing swimmers came to compete. A handful of olympians were there along with college and high school swimmers. She said the olympians just go for 'practice' and lots of the high schoolers do too, or to be seen by a recruiter. She met with the UT coach this past Monday and she loved the campus! I hope she moves out here! She currently lives in Denver, CO.

Jenna (sis), Lauren (cousin), Me, Uncle Brian, Ryan
We're eating at PF Changs here...and Phelps was at a table just across from us.

Across from our seats...all the olympians and other swimmers were over here.

Scruffy Michael Phelps...yeah I was a bit of a creeper, but look at his wing span! haha

Lauren is in lane 2 fixing her swim cap! She's solid rock - seriously.

Swim meets are so much more intense than I thought! Here's the line up...

Action shot! haha well sort of... she just dove in.

There's her name (Lauren Stoeckle) on the board... can ya tell I'm a little proud?! :)

Pretty sister! Yeah it was raining allllll day - bad hair day!

Mastermind behind the greatest shirt ever! My other cousin that came to visit and good friend Holly!

At the bar with ALLLLL Ravens fans and a few STEELERS fans sprinkled throughout. My shirt says "Future Pittsburgh Fan" with an arrow down to my tummy - it was a hit and an old man came to touch my belly for good luck! EWW!

My main squeeze :)

Ok... this is 6:20am before work...and it's awkward posing for these pics!
But there's the bump!

The camera adds 10 lbs right?!

Oh boy! There he is! Our little man... picture is blurry sorry! He really looks like a baby now! It's drastically different from our 8 wk pic when he looked like a tiny gummy bear.

So at our appointment they decided to do the ultrasound first and then we'd meet with the Dr. to 'chat'. I don't quite have all the words to express how amazing this whole experience is. We both were so excited and anxious for this appointment and he made it SO easy for us to figure out what he/she was. The ultrasound tech girl recorded the first 15 minutes of our ultrasound on a dvd.  She found him profile for us first and took pictures. Started measuring his heart rate (137 bpm) and then started looking for parts. haha I wish the picture looked better to post because it's too fuzzy, but she found him legs spread and snapped a picture! She goes, "Do you see that right there?" I said, "yeah" and Ryan goes, "It's a boy isn't it!" She laughed and said "That is DEFINITELY a boy!" haha He was not shy...maybe the orange juice I drank beforehand got him movin!

She started measuring his brain, checking his organs (who knew they could do all this on the sonogram machine?!) and measuring his weight and length. He was measuring on the big side... about a week and a half ahead. (21 1/2 wks) So we'll see how that pans out! She said everything looked good. Such a relief. :)

Below was my attempt to record part of the DVD... lets see how this goes...

It's a wonderful life!
-Sara (and baby boy!)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


More to come about our little man and the 20 wk appointment!!!!
So blessed!!!!

It's a wonderful life!

Friday, January 7, 2011

20 wks! Half way!'s been a while since I've updated things. Winter break is over and it's back to work! So little time. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

As far as baby/pregnancy goes....2nd trimester is so great! I feel better - no nausea, more energy and a bigger appetite. ;) It's definitely the nicer part of pregnancy like everyone and every book has said.  However, I have chronic sinus issues and with the bigger tummy comes with lower back pain, leg cramps at night. Anything for you Baby Corl. ;)

First week of break I was mainly in Pflugerville and then spent Christmas in Houston with Ryan's family. So much fun.

Second week of break I went home for my sister's 21st birthday (which by the way I have earned a purple heart for the feat of planning, taking out my sister and friends and staying up until 3:30am) and I got to see my family for our little Christmas time. No kidding - one morning I wake up and couldn't believe my eyes. "Woah! you see what I see?" She goes, "Yea!! Looks like you've popped!" My tummy felt bigger, harder and seemed a little more obvious that I was pregnant. I've been waiting for this time to come instead of noticing people staring at my stomach with a puzzled look and too scared to ask.

The little bump is growing!

Can you see it?!

**Someday I'll be cute & pregnant... this was taken today. The Friday after the first week back from other words I'm exhaustedddddd.**

School Quote of the Week:
"Woah! Mrs. Corl! Your stomach has grown like 5 cm over break! That baby is BIG! ( say the darndest things!)

Cutest gift ever from Hubby. Made me cry a little.

Ryan got us the set of 3 Texans onesies and the cute Teddy Bear Astros one (top left). My sister got us the green and white one. "My Aunt is HOT!" and "My mommy is taken, but my Aunt is HOT and single!" hehe

Very exciting week coming up... on Tuesday we find out if Baby Corl is a boy or a girl!!!!! Cannnnnnnnnot wait. I havea BIG hunch it's a boy...but we'll see. All I want is healthy. Healthy baby and healthy mom.

Have a great weekend!

It's a wonderful life!

PS- Got the GREATEST invention for preggos ever....It's the SNOOGLE! It can support your back or your stomach. You can use it when the baby gets helps align your spine and's sooo comfortable. I LOVE it. I'm about to go snuggle with my snoogle. Now all I need is a snuggie - haha