Saturday, June 29, 2013

Over a month late...sheesh!

Just some pictures from Landon's real birthday!
 Woke him up with balloons in his bed!!! He loves balloons and always points them out when he seens them!
2 yrs old! 

 Happy Birthday!!!!
 Decided to get him a chocolate sprinkled donut- he had never had one!!!
 Make a wish!
 We sang...
 ...and he chowed down. So yum!

His birthday landed on Memorial Day so Ryan had the day off with us! We took Landon to his favorite park and played until lunch time. I don't really have any pictures from the rest of the day - but it was a fun one! So thankful for this little blessing! Can't believe I became a mom 2 yrs ago (plus 9 months cause they count too ;) )
It's a wonderful life!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Meet Little Brother!

Ok maybe that post title made you think he made his debut....but we've still got about 9 days to go!
I realized I never posted pictures of his 3d/4d sonogram that we did around 32 weeks. Ryan got me a gift certificate for mother's day and it was SUCH a great gift!!! Landon came with us and had fun in the big room and watching the TV screen while looking for little brother.
Here are a few images from that session... 

Love this sweet face. Poor thing is so squished in there!!! I definitely see a resemblance between him and Landon, but differences at the same time. He wasn't cooperating at first and we couldn't get a good look at his face, but I ended up laying on my side and he moved his hands and we could see him!!! Chunky cheeks and little pouty lips! I think his nose is flattened out a little bit right now...'I'm running out of womb!'
I'm definitely a mix of emotions right now. Can't believe he's almost here and we'll become a family of 4, Landon will become a big brother and Ryan and I will have childREN. Crazy! Enjoying these last days with just Landon - but he definitely senses change around the corner and that can be tough at times. I'm getting nervous about labor and delivery so just praying for a safe and smooth delivery along with a healthy baby boy!
It's a wonderful life!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

36 wks/ 'Family' Pics

Well here we are - 9 months pregnant!!! So ready to meet our little guy!
Attempted to get family pics done... Landon is a tough age to photograph :-/
None of the 3 of us really turned out because of course one of us was looking goofy.
Oh well!!! Love what we got!
Such a big boy - so handsome!

Definitely a Mini-Ryan here :) Love this picture of him.
Sweet little brother and I 

We brought a train to try and motivate him to cooperate... well it worked!!! haha It's hidden under my hands -
we really wanted a shot of him touching my belly.

Love this one too...

We're a bit squinty here but it's ok. Wish that belly button would go away!

Annnnnd the end of the photo shoot... he was DONE.
Thanks for the pics Sunny! Soon we'll be taking family of 4 pictures!!!
It's a wonderful life!