Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Landon!!!!

We had Landon's birthday party the first weekend in May! He's a memorial weekend baby and it was better to do it earlier in the month so family and friends could make it! Also the heat and 34 wks pregnant is not fun! Definitely wanted to celebrate HIS day before we got super busy preparing for baby brother...
Here are a few pics I took. Auntie Jenna has all the fun candid ones of the kids, friends and family that came. I'll post those another time (maybe..) ;)

Snack time before party time!!!!

Dining Car - Chew Chew! :)
The train theme was a lot of fun.

Silly cup in daddy's face. Love my handsome boys! 
Kissy kissy!!!!

Refuel Station - Chugga Chugga
Not gunna lie... thought this turned out pretty cute. :)

Target did a great job with his cake!!!
Had wraps for adults and PB&J for kids!
The log car had pretzels, produce car had veggies and hopper car had ranch veggie dip. YUM!

We had a great turn out for his party! Had such a great time celebrating with family and friends. It's great when everyone can get together! :)
It's a wonderful life!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

32 wks - where did the last 8 months go?!

I think the way my shirt is tugging makes him look even bigger... camera adds 10 lbs right?!
How far along?
32 wks - 8 crazy!

How big is the baby?
When I face the side he's SO OUT THERE - but front on he's just straight forward. Just like Landon.
Weight Gain?
16 lbs so far - probably will gain about a lb a week from here on out. If I don't eat too many sweets ;) maybe I'll hit 25 lbs. Unless I'm swelling like crazy or something...I guess only time will tell.
What's that? Ha kidding...doing pretty ok. Still waking up twice a night. Much like what it will be like when baby boy gets here! Need to learn how to run on little sleep cause right now I just wanna nap all the time. (Wish I could 'bank' the sleep I'm getting now for later! ha!)

Best Moment of the Week?
Finding out my good friend is also having a boy!!!! Yay  and congrats Melissa and Eric!
Mother's day was also wonderful - Hubby and Landon had sweet sweet cards for me. Ryan surprised me with a gift certificate to the same place we did our 3D/4D ultrasound with Landon!!! I'm SO excited to see this little boy's face!

Food cravings?
Chocolate, candy, sweets sweets sweets. It's so bad!

Lots of it. He's crazy in there. I feel like he's got his feet up and he's always kicking around the top of my belly or my right side. Be interesting to see how he's positioned at our ultrasound.

What I miss?
Being able to do things that used to be no big deal. Ex: picking up Landon (32 lbs...pretty hard to do), tieing my shoes, going on long walks, sleeping on my stomach etc.

Looking forward to?
3D/4D ultrasound Friday morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Landon's birthday party was a success! Thanks to friends and family who came to celebrate with us! He LOVED the Thomas the Train stuff everywhere and only had a few 'two yr old moments' at the party. Lots of people and attention is a lot to handle. Especially when you want to take Thomas Train off your cake while everyone is singing and we are trying to not let get burned by the candles!! I'll post party pics next blog post!

It's a wonderful life!