Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year!!!

 Happy New Year!!!!! SO excited for 2015 and a fresh start!

I decided instead of being down on myself about lack of blogging and getting so extremely behind - I'm going to do a 6 month recap in this post because SO MUCH has happened to the Corl Fam. :)

Last post was JULY - Keegan turned ONE! and we continued to get settled in our new house!

The boys have grown SO much since 6 months ago!

Our first month in preschool all together. This decision took a lot of discerning and prayer. Having been home with the boys for 2 years and sorta ready to go back into a teaching environment, but not ready to be THAT far away from the boys- this has been an answered prayer. I'm teaching Kindergarten Ready (the oldest kids in the preschool) and it's a big jump from 3rd grade, but I love the challenge. Kinder Ready is for kiddos who miss the Sept 1. birthday cut off for Kinder in schools. So this is separate from the 4 yr old room, and runs much like a Kindergarten Classroom. The school has a small family feel that I love... there's one classroom per age group. I see Landon so many times a day... his classroom is across the hall from mine and he's able to come give me quick hugs during the day. I check on Keegan when he isn't looking ;) and during his naptime. The teachers love the boys and it makes me feel at ease - they are SO wonderful. They really get to see a side of them that I don't get to experience being their mom - and I really feel like a teacher can bring so much out of a kiddo/student that as a mom I wouldn't be able to. Our directors are amazing as well! Landon has grown LEAPS AND BOUNDS... socially, emotionally, academically. It's amazing. He used to run and hide from strangers and new people - never had much experience being away from Ryan or myself and listen to another adult and he handles that well now - initiates conversation with kids and has made friends etc. Along with working on holding a pencil, writing his name and numbers and letters and he likes to color now! haha He's made big gains this fall. Keegan also is so independent and walks straight to his classroom without crying at all. His teachers tell me he is doing really well with his manners and is a great listener. Definitely has his toddler moments - and we see them at home FOR SURE. He's using sign language a lot, but his talking has increased so much. He can say "mommy, daddy, baby, puppy, thank you, please, yes ma'am, yellow (and other colors- but yellow is his fav I think and he says it loud and clearn), these, more, Landon - the best he can, brother". We can tell what he's saying but of course strangers or people who don't see him often might not. Just love our boys so much!!!! 

My mommy heart wasn't totally ready to see him like this!
This is how Keegan hugs. ;)
Brotherly Love

 Sweet Keegan got his first hair cut in September!!!! He was DEFINITELY not born with as much hair as Landon - but kinda felt like time to clean it up and help shape it to grow out more evenly. This was before, during and after his hair cut! So handsome - but he clearly was not happy about the trip!
Teravista's Fall Fair!

Fun morning out with the boys. They had carnival games, bounces houses, obstacles courses etc. The boys had their first Kona Ice Snowcone! They LOVED those of course and Landon did the bouncy obstacle course about 10 times in a row and was all sweaty and lovin' life. I had fun seeing old coworker friends and seeing former students and their families.

Landon was not afraid of meeting the Tiger! I was shocked!
Cutie Patootie!
Thomas Train Ride!
Ryan and I had been wanting to take Landon for a while now, and the closest location to us only has rides in late September. We thought Keegan could handle it so we purchased tickets and were SO excited to take the boys but especially Landon!

Pure Joy - I mean seriously! I'll never forget how he always seems to have a train in his hands at.all.times.
Here's Thomas!
 I was not sure if this video would load...but it looks like it did!!!

Landon just STARED at Thomas forever ....
"Landon who's that?"
"Thomas.... ITS THOMAS!!! With the coaches for the passenger."

I can't make this stuff up! ;)


We traveled to New Hampshire for a family wedding! My cousin was getting married and we had been planning this trip for about a year! It was my mom's side of the family and she is one of six kids. So all the aunts and uncles decided to rent cottages for the weekend on Lake Winnipesaukee. Strange name - gorgeous place!

Our precious and tiny place for the weekend!
Keegan and 2nd cousin Vivian are about 2ish months apart. This is their first time meeting!

"Cool shoes Viv!"

Family pic at the lake :)

Baby #3 discovery....
Yes - we were on this HUGE family trip when I realized something wasn't quite right. ;) Long story short... the night before the wedding a handful of cousins went out that didn't get to go to the rehearsal dinner. I told my cousin Holly (seen in the picture below... one of my best friends and bridesmaid in our wedding) that I was kinda concerned and how my cycle seemed all off. We both kinda shook it off and chalked it up to stress or nothing. HA!  The morning of the wedding - family went out to breakfast together and then went to see the cute shops in town for a little shopping. Ryan knew I was concerned and we both got curious and decided to skip shopping and instead went shopping at the local Piggy Wiggly of a grocery store to get a pregnancy test. I checked my app on my phone in the car... "CYCLE DAY 42?!?!?!!!!!!!! Oh my word... should've started 2 weeks ago. (gulp)" We COULD NOT believe we were doing this... 'this isn't real...this isn't real...' is what I kept thinking. We were the youngest people in the store with the loudest little children... we grabbed a few random drinks and snacks so we didn't feel weird just checking out with pregnancy tests. Got back to the cottage and Ryan told me to just take the test. I was like NO! "No way... it won't be accurate... you're supposed to do it first thing in the morning." "'re 2 weeks late... just take it! I have to know!" ......... took the test...... "Ry you're welcome to go check it because I'm not."

Well... curiosity got me - went to peek on the test in the bathroom. Solid blue lines... wait what does that mean? Where's the box...I dunno how to read this! Found the box - looked at the test - instant tears. "Mommy why are you crying?" - Landon. I was pretty mad at God for a quick minute. "I told you two is all we can handle. I told you our plan! etc etc" Then Ryan hugged me and he joked (the same joke when we found out about Landon...) "Lets get a mini-van!" haha We both were a bit shocked, but the anger went away and quickly came to accept this unexpected blessing and that God's bigger plan is for this little soul to be in the world at this time.

"Holiness is carrying out God's will with joy!" - Mother Teresa
In no way am I saying that I am Holy - however I feel strongly that this baby is God's will for us and I am filled with joy to carry this new little life! We are all meant to strive for holiness aren't we? :)
Dancing with Holly - bein silly. Told her at the wedding. I was still in freak out mode. ;)
We did not tell our parents or family during that trip. Still letting the shock sink in AND wanted to see my dr and see baby before announcing to family.

10 Year High School Reunion- HOW DO I NOT HAVE A PICTURE FROM THIS?!?!


 Landon requested he be Jake the pirate - and Keegan be Captain Hook. As hilarious and adorable that would be couldn't get myself to purchase such an expensive costume for a toddler that would wear it all of -20 seconds and go to bed before trick or treating. So Keegan is his side kick Cubby (from a disney show) Or just another Jake. We couldn't decide. haha Here they are. Best pic we could get. It was an ARRRResome night. ;) Ryan stayed home to pass out candy and let Keegan sleep and I ran around the neighborhood with Landon.

Funny story - Landon would YELL "trick or treat" at the sidewalk before making it to the house. One of our neighbors didn't hear him say that.... so he gets to the door (saying nothing) and our neighbor goes..."well...what do you say?!" Landon yells 'PLEASE!!!' He said "ok I'll let that count!" ;) pretty cute.

Baby announcement

Went to see my dr early November and everything looked great! Heartbeat was a strong 150bpm and baby was measuring right on track. Due - May 31st (4 days after L turns 4 and K turns 2 a month later - yikes!)
Originally I wanted us in order... #1, #2, #3 and HELP! However the boys would not cooperate or let that happen. So we rolled with it! L was crying and not cooperating AT ALL. "Threenager" is my nickname for his attitude right now... even bribed with Halloween candy. No Luck! My sweet friend Sunny snagged this shot! 

Thanksgiving/Gender Reveal

 Long story short.... I was a candidate for a blood test that would do genetic testing as well as confirm gender. They drew blood around 10.5 wks and we found out results exactly 2 weeks later. Ryan HAS to know. I always said if we went for #3 - it would be a boy. Just a gut feeling. I had told him it would be fun to not know at all until their birthday - but he couldn't wait. HOWEVER, he compromised and said he could wait to cut a cake with family and find out. So that's what we did. :) Never got to do a reveal like that before - so it was something exciting for us. A handful of people thought we knew beforehand, but we didn't!

Cake turned out ADORABLE!!!!! All I told the baker was...white icing, polka dots and question marks in pink and blue. I thought "#3 what will it be?" would be cute on top too. This is what she came up with! LOVE! I called the bakery before my dr I could give her a heads up and let her know what we were thinking. Once my dr called with results it was SO HARD to not just have her tell me the gender, but she didn't and I gave her the bakery number and that's how we did it!

We hosted Thanksgiving and had everyone over! Found out... it's a BOY!
So thrilled and overjoyed for another sweet boy - and even more thankful baby is healthy! 

December needs a whole post on it's own! So I'll be back with that!

It's a wonderful life!