Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sorry Facebook Friends...

I am posting pics you've probably seen if you're my facebook friend! Anyway- just wanted to catch up my blog with what's goin on!

Last time I had not posted an update with Keegan's 11m pic - he started attempting to walk around 10 1/2 months, but by 11m he was going for it all on his own. He would just randomly pull to standing and just cruise furniture or walk toward a toy somewhere in the room - even if Ryan or I wasn't there. CRAZY! By 11 1/2 months it was completely unassisted. Now that it's a month later... he is totally walking so solid, able to put his hands on the floor and stand back up, no wobbles at all. He's so proud of himself!
 We celebrated Father's day with this amazing man we are so lucky to have in our life! Ryan is an amazing hand-on Dad to these boys. We were moving on Father's Day weekend.... it was a lot of work for him while I handled the munchkins. So thankful for all he does for us. 
 4th of July in the new neighborhood! SO much fun. Firetruck came and did a 'parade' down the main street to the community park and pool... and the kids decorated wagons and bikes and rode behind. I can see us doing this every year! P Terry's also catered which was SO yum and they had ice cream and all sorts of goodies for us. What an awesome HOA we have! So funny to think last year Keegan was born just 4 days later! This was his very first 4th of July! :)

PS- Yes I'm that mom that loves to match the boys...however we had a poop accident with big brother and wasn't able to keep the same outfit on. :( haha oh well! 

Happy 1st Birthday Keegan Joseph! We did a "Big Top" Circus theme for his birthday... same decor we have in his nursery. SO cute if I do say so myself! It was fun having friends and family to the new house to celebrate. He really did love the cake. 
 Ok...last set of pics. Just a few of my favs from our session with Ashley Love Photography. SHE WAS FABULOUS! Love these images she captured. SO many more, but I couldn't post them all. ;) 

At the end Keegan had about had enough....He was crying and Landon tried to make him feel better. Of course while holding his train Stanley. He never let go of that thing. Precious moments.

It's a wonderful life!